“Since I left ‘OT’ I have always had a psychologist nearby”

Purebred artists are the ones who dress up before going on stage and leave their tears and sorrows in the dressing room to show their best side to the public. The singer already knows that Nuria Fergó, who was in Madrid this week promoting the new show A lifetime, where she commemorates the centenary of a great lady such as María Dolores Pradera by giving voice to almost thirty songs that bear her stamp. The same day that he met Nuria for this interview, she arrives with a heavy heart, and at that time her boyfriend is in the operating room, where he undergoes surgery on his pleura. Days of real fear have passed as a result of pneumonia that has kept him admitted to the ICU of a hospital in Torremolinos, but the complications have not subsided. Nuria talks to me about her music and her projects, but we end up talking about Juan Pablo Lauro, her fiancé, although they don’t have a wedding date, and the person who has encouraged her the most to continue with her professional commitments. her. “My mother is with him and that’s why I can meet you today,” she tells me, trying to calm down a most stressful situation. As I said, Nuria is a badass in the category of racial artists.

The last time we saw each other was for the tribute he paid to a great woman like Sara Montiel. Today it is María Dolores Pradera’s turn. Of course she likes thunderous challenges.

NF: His voice was melodic and elegant and he also put his stamp on the songs. The producer told me that they wanted to see Nuria on stage since I was very clear that she was not going to imitate Pradera. And just what they asked me was to honor her, but making her songs my own and so that they would reach the public. For me it is a gift as a performer and even more so considering that I am classical in tastes, I like the copla, the bolero, the ballad… I am going to be like a fish in water. We already have thirty dates closed in Spain for a tour that begins in October and that will bring me to Madrid on November 4th and 5th. Right now I spend the entire day listening to the Prairie and I can’t stop soaking myself in its music.

Are you worried about comparisons?

NF: Those things don’t affect me. I remember when I played The son of the Moon that some told me that if I didn’t hesitate to dare with such a mythical song. My answer was that the songs are there for everyone to enjoy and to be able to interpret them in my own way. I like to let myself be carried away by what I hear. My voice is different from María Dolores’s and they will be my nuances… I am hooked on Spotify all day because there are going to be more than twenty-five songs. You have to look for the costumes, in September the rehearsals, the set design… it is a proper production, and I was looking forward to this type of projects coming my way.

After releasing his rancheras album there was the possibility of going to Mexico.

NF: I made that album to go abroad and I fulfilled my dream when I did my promotion in November, and I plan to continue doing that, but now this gift has come to me and I want to live it. I think everything can be a thread.

While we are here talking about his plans, he has his partner in the hospital with severe pneumonia.

NF: We are passing this moment but the procession goes inside. I had this promotion closed for weeks and I couldn’t cancel everything, especially when I now can’t do anything. I was at the critical moment when he was admitted to the ICU every day but he was the first to tell me that he had to continue with my schedule. My mother and sister are in the hospital and their pilot friends go when they can but thank goodness that now with cell phones we can always be connected. It was pneumonia that hit him very hard, the doctor told us that it was not so normal for a young and healthy man but he got it. It is a bacteria that someone has caught and you have to accept it.

You will have experienced dramatic moments.

NF: When you find yourself in that situation overnight, you don’t see the click that your head makes, and today what we want is to bite the bullet and stop fooling around, because you understand that life is two days.

Did you fear for your life?

NF: No, because the doctors reassured us, but when they assure you that he has had another chance, that is when you understand that he arrived at the hospital in a very serious condition. She couldn’t breathe. There was a danger that she could have given him something more serious. Once in the ICU he was already under control. We don’t know how much time he has left because while he was already on the ward, another problem arose in his pleura and they had to operate on him just today while we are in this interview.

Now more than ever he knows what the life of an artist is.

NF: And the strongest thing is that it tells me to shine and continue with my projects. He insisted to me that he couldn’t do anything in the hospital while he was having surgery and he didn’t allow me to cancel the promotion. Thank goodness my mother and sister are there so I can work. The truth is that when you have to face your work you draw strength from within and you accomplish it. I remember one time I was terrible at a concert and as soon as I walked out on stage I forgot everything. Then when you return to the dressing room the problems return too.

An experience like the one you are living puts one’s feet on the ground.

NF: Things happen for a reason and who knows.

Has a scare like this brought you closer together as a couple?

NF: Of course, and even if you were in a bad moment, you are human and these things make you turn around. Seeing him so bad being so young and healthy…

Have you talked these days about setting a date for the wedding?

NF: We announced that he had asked me to marry him, but we didn’t have a date. We haven’t thought about it because I was in full promotion and he was starting as a pilot. It wasn’t the time and we haven’t talked about it these days either. All I want is for him to come home and get back to normal. He thinks that now he is going to be out for a while and I have to get into rehearsals. We artists have to take advantage of opportunities and the other thing is a party that will be held when possible.

Do you see yourself in the future as Bustamante in the program Your face is familiar to me?

I was a guest on some occasions, but I understood that I would not compete because I don’t enjoy it. I can’t imitate, I’ve never done it and I understand that it’s very sweet since you gain popularity and money, but it doesn’t suit me. I have preferred to wait for other projects that do not make me suffer and to be able to have my own personality. If I had the gift of imitating, well, that’s great for fame and money, but seriously, it’s not my style. By the way, I had a great time watching David sing Maria de la O and I was laughing with that gypsy dress and that body. He has a voice that can do whatever he wants, it was hilarious.

Have you had to say no to many things?

NF: I have always chosen what I wanted and I have not let myself be influenced by anyone. I decided to follow my line and I have not failed. I admit that I have not been afraid.

How did you manage your rise to fame?

NF: Since I left OT I have always had a psychologist. When I see that I need it, even when making decisions regarding my daughter, I prefer to have a professional to guide me in doing things right. Logically, I have my traumas and backpack like everyone else, but I learn every day. I wish there was a class in school that taught you how to stop and breathe when you are experiencing complex moments.

I imagine that Juan Pablo will be receiving many messages after the video he broadcast from the hospital.

NF: He is very happy with how people support him. He made it public on networks more than anything because he is there alone and he wanted to reassure and I assure you that the love he receives is giving him life. He is surprised by so many words of encouragement from people who don’t even know him. With what has happened you understand that life is lessons and we are only clear that it was not his time yet and that now we have to wait for him to recover well.