Atlético de Madrid
will undertake the game against him Seville of this Tuesday, with three games less than the Real Madrid and ahead in the standings, thanks, among other things, to the stumble suffered by the white team in the weekend's game against Osasuna.

A crash from which the merengue team came out with a string of complaints. Zidane, the white coach, complained about the conditions in which the game was played, on a field in quite bad conditions due to the snow falling in Pamplona. In addition, the Real Madrid had to stay overnight in Navarre and left the capital of Spain after several hours of delay due to the intense snowfall that fell in the city and that would end up collapsing everything, including the airport.

In this context, Real Madrid he ended up really upset by what happened. And even a minister had to clarify under what conditions the trip of the white team had taken place to play this match.

Asked about all this Diego Pablo Simeone, coach of the Atlético de Madrid, He responded in a really elegant way but leaving a reflection that is a understatement for the position of the white team. Indirectly, but very directly.

“I am in favor that each one has their responsibilities, ours is to prepare the team in the circumstances that touch. We try to carry the competition forward from each side, in the best way. It is easy to give an opinion from the outside. What we have to do is prepare the players in the best way. Thank you, because everything that can happen to us, with what is happening in the world, is minimal “, explained the mattress coach, who avoided putting himself in the shoes of Zidane. “I was not in the place of Zidane, it is impossible to feel what he said. Tomorrow it will be cold, the field will get worse and worse. Cold and not much else, “he said.


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