On the World Cup every two years: “You can protest, but television and money rule”


The Atlético de Madrid coach, Diego Pablo Simeone, has assured that although they must try to get ahead and start “strong” in the games, starting with this Sunday against Real Sociedad, in the six in which they have started from behind they have shown to have “answers”.

“It is true that we have started many games below on the scoreboard, but it was shown that the team has answers. We are concerned with the situation of starting strong and leading on the scoreboard. Football is a balance; I want to generate defensive security to be able to attack well, we are always going to move on that path, “he declared at a press conference.

The Argentine coach was also not worried about the lack of solidity in the Wanda Metropolitano. “We always try to play in the same way, whatever the field, to take the games forward. At this start of the season, we have done better away from home than at home, but I have no doubt that as the games go by and with the people who accompany us we will find the regularity that the team has always had, “he said.

In addition, he praised the work of his counterpart Imanol Alguacil in the San Sebastian team. “I do not like comparisons, each one has his style and his search within the conditions he has in the squad he leads. The Real Sociedad coach has been working very well since he took control of the first team and is seen in the results and in the game, with a very associative game, with speed up and a good start from behind. This is what Real Sociedad shows year after year, “he stressed.

In another vein, the rojiblanco coach did not refuse to talk about FIFA’s proposal to play the World Cup every two years. “As much as one may comment on what is proposed, the final decision does not fall on the part of the coaches or the players. I put myself in the footballer’s shoes and I would always want to play with my national team; it is very difficult to say no to your team. The people who have to make decisions are getting worse and worse, but that does not depend on us, “he said.

“I’m not going to worry about something that we don’t have the strength to change. You can complain, protest, but television rules, money rules, companies grow, clubs need money, national teams need money … AND we are in the middle. We can complain and protest, but in the end life is what it is for everyone, “he continued.

“If I were a player, I would have liked to play all the World Cups year after year, it is an exciting, special, different and very beautiful thing. From the coach side, it is normal to want to have the players. There are a lot of stops, we play 20 days, we stopped 15 … I don’t care, I care about the Real Sociedad game, “he said.

Finally, regarding the need to have a central fifth, Simeone explained that he has players who can function well in that position. “We always go according to the needs of the club and the team, and we value that Sime -Vrsaljko- can play calmly as a central defender on the right; he has trained very well in that position during the preseason. Kondogbia can do it in the same way as He did it against Elche and Porto. We have answers to some situations, always thinking that the third center-back has to be someone else at the game, like Mario -Hermoso- “, he concluded.