Atlético de Madrid coach Diego Pablo Simeone made it clear that this Wednesday they have an “important” game against Milan “as the Champions League always asks” and that in order to carry it out they will have to be “strong and committed to what they do. the team ask “.

“For us all matches are very important and this is no exception, we will face it with the same enthusiasm as when I first appeared with the team in Malaga,” Simeone said at a press conference this Tuesday.

In this sense, he recalled that there are “few” of those who have been playing the tournament for nine years in a row with the rojiblanco team when it comes to handling the pressure that surrounds the duel. “The others are not so much and they are not used to this type of game, at least in our team. It is an important game as the Champions always asks for and we have to be strong, play a good game and be very committed to what the team asks for. “, he warned.

The Argentine did not reveal if he will play with a defense of three or four because by “the characteristics” of the players he has he can “alternate”. “We will try to choose the best and when the game starts it will be seen more clearly what we will do,” he said.

“We have a group of footballers where many are important and we need them all in the best way. In San Siro we suffer the first 20 minutes with pressure after loss that they do very well and see if they play the same way and push high, or they wait for us. We will be at the expense of what we see and we hope to solve what touches, “he remarked.

The ‘Cholo’ stressed that defense has been “a bit the essence” of his team. “From there, what is born offensively is built by the talent of the footballers who every year come to improve what we do,” he said, celebrating the return of Stefan Savic. “He has been here for many years, he has a lot of hierarchy, personality and a lot of security. Everything he transmits does the team very good,” he admitted.

On the other hand, he indicated that it seems “complex” for him to compare how even the tournament can be where many groups are still unresolved. “Now it is costing us more to get into the second round quickly, but before it also seemed difficult,” he said.

Finally, Simeone referred to the physical state of Joao Felix, of which they are waiting for the blow he has “to let him go back to training naturally.” “I think he has had better moments in the team than now, especially when the last league started. He was recovering very well and was training with enthusiasm,” he said.