Atlético de Madrid coach Diego Pablo Simeone was “more optimistic than ever” despite the defeat (0-1) this Wednesday against Milan, thus complicating his chances of being in the second round of the Liga de Champions

“The details this time were in favor of Milan and they took the three points. We have always had some difficult group stage, I am optimistic, I will not change, the team will compete very well in the last game. The Champions will not forgive you. , less and less, and the one who deserves it passes. Milan has the opportunity, Porto, and we have the opportunity to win as a visitor. Whoever deserves it will pass, “he said at a press conference after the defeat.

The rojiblanco team was unable to score at the Wanda Metropolitano to bring a pass to the second round for which Liverpool helped Porto to 2-0. “The players did not know the result of the other game. At the end of the game, it was not being balanced, and there they found the goal and we could not put it with Cunha’s,” he said.

“The Champions League is complex, both the Liverpool game and today we did not play a game to lose. Nor to win it, it is what there is, the only thing that matters is to win our next game. I am optimistic more than ever, because we are alive. In that situation we are complicated, “he added, defending his changes this time.