Diego Pablo Simeon spoke to the media prior to Valencia’s visit (Saturday, 9:00 pm) and with the elimination from the Cup still recent. The technician analyzes the complicated situation of the team.

Athletic Shield/Flag

When Atlético lose, the focus is on Simeone. How are you doing?

I feel very good, excited. The same one I had the first day I decided to come. I only think of positive things. Everyone can look at things as they want, I seek to have the recent dynamics in the League, with Rayo and Villarreal. Hopefully we can continue and then work on what is to come. What happened can no longer be fixed. You have to be together. I ask the people to be with the team, the team will need the people and they will surely respond as the moment demands. Seven months ago, 90% of the players who are going to play tomorrow made us champions. Now we need our people.

How is the locker room? United, broken? And the hobby?

People are with the team, they want it to win and we all think the same, game by game, the only thing that matters is tomorrow’s game. Hopefully we can demonstrate on the pitch all the unity that the locker room has, the desire to get out of this difficult moment and show it on the pitch. Words are worth little, actions are needed.

Will Savic and Giménez be able to play?

Yes, Stefan returns to the squad, we already have Giménez, Felipe and Mario, who have competed very well. We trust the group, we do not speak individually about positions. The equipment is more important and if it responds, everything works well.

Who will be key at this time?

The Union. We were always strong from everyone being together, the people, the leaders, the team. You have to calm down, not rush. We need forcefulness, stability and we have to transmit it on the field. A tough, complex rival is coming, who competes very well, we know the coach very well.

Are you worried that events like the ones from the other day or the Betis-Sevilla thing are repeated?

In today’s society, from everything that is happening to us, sometimes we use football as a means of escape. In important games like these, these situations occur. We are not used to it in Spain. What happened in San Sebastian, the images speak for themselves. I do not add more, because it had nothing to do with the defeat.

The team began the slump in Mestalla, in that fateful discount. How has the team gotten worse?

We have had important injuries in the team, we were looking to change and find stability. We have not found it in many passages. This month against Rayo and Villarreal the team competed very well and we hope to continue like this.

What energy do you perceive this year regarding the team?

That question was for the beginning of the season. Now he has a trap, I prefer not to enter.

Are all the estates clear about this union? Will Suarez play?

Suarez is going to play tomorrow. This always makes us stronger. We have had difficult moments, others very good. In these 10 years we had not experienced one like this and it is life itself. You have to vindicate yourself, what happened yesterday is not worth it.

How do you see Javi Serrano?

Surely he is on his way, if he continues with this humility and this gift of work that he has, to get closer to being stable with us. It will depend on your desire to learn and improve. He has some situations with which we feel identified and the team needs. You have to take it little by little, not rush it, but it has something that is needed: energy.

Do you think Suárez has to renew?

trick question. We lived it years ago with Fernando and I am not going to enter. I spoke with him, I spoke with the club and they already know that I only think about Valencia.