Atlético's coach, Diego Pablo Simeone, has appeared telematically before the media at a press conference after his team's victory (0-2) against Celta in Balaídos.

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How is Costa? Has the mix with Suárez convinced you?

Then the doctors will tell us how Diego is doing. I liked the mix of the two. The characteristics of the two allow them to play together. They give us strength above and presence and personality within the area. It is one of the options that the team has.

Does João lack enthusiasm and commitment to Atleti?

No, what I valued with Portugal was the same as I valued in our previous games. I tell what I see and at the end of the game we were able to see the João we need and he ended up solving a game that had become complicated and that was very hard.

Are you worried about today's defensive weakness?

I think it happened in the first half, but in the second there were no longer any situations. The presence of Felipe and Hermoso in the band gave us more aerial strength. When Costa left we needed tall people and that's why Felipe came in and we passed Hermoso to the side. In the first part they did create danger, but in the second it was no longer like that. We put João, Llorente and Carrasco in to create danger on the counterattack to resolve the game, but the goal did not arrive and the 0-1 is difficult, but luckily it was 0-2.

What can Torreira bring to Atlético?

He is a hardworking boy, he competes very well, he will give us a lot of strength in the middle when he picks up the pace of the game. It is fast in the movement of the ball and it will generate more speed there. We want it to take the best shape. From the first day he showed what his characteristics are. He is a boy who will give it his all.

Do they have to improve a lot for Munich?

We are going to face the best team in the world today. I think it is a very important game for us and we will try to find solutions to what we had to suffer in the first half today.

What did you think of Koke's party and what did you think of his union with Torreira?

They can play together because they have dynamics, good footing and the intention to find passes between the lines. Koke gives absolutely everything for the team and today he has shown it. Surely it will have been one of the ones that has run the most today.


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