Lemar's transformation has already raised him to the height of Simeone's essentials. When it has been physically in tune, it is fixed at eleven, usually as interior, but also in other positions, leaning to the left. He is one of the wild cards of the squad and in Seville it seems that will play a new role, closer to Luis Suárez. El Cholo brings Lemar closer to the area, to the goal.

The already confirmed loss of João Félix opens a vacancy in the attack. Usually It is usually Correa who alternates with the Portuguese, But in the last few days the coach has tried Lemar as Suárez's partner. The Frenchman, also happy after his re-run with his national team, is known as one of Atlético's most important players and is not intimidated by the challenge.

Athletic Shield / Flag

In that position behind the tip he did the eleven his first big game of the season, the one in which he emitted signals that he was awake. It was in Mestalla, in November. He generated good chances and vindicated himself, that afternoon with Correa in the lead. In the next game, Against Valladolid, Lemar achieved what is still his only goal in the league. His statistics are adorned with four assists that has given.

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Lemar, with France.

The French is a footballer from ask for the ball, turn with it, move it, filter passes … Simeone will bring him closer to the Sánchez-Pizjuán area where he has to be decisive, although he will be the link between the media, especially Koke and Saúl, and the gunman Suárez. The minutes you have had with France they have been in the second row of the 4-2-3-1 and has stepped on more area than as rojiblanco. A new challenge for him and for Simeone, who exploits the versatility of his boys, even more so when casualties accumulate …