Diego Pablo Simeone appreciated a new victory for Atlético against Getafe, once again leaving a clean sheet and celebrated his 500 games leading the rojiblanco team (301 victories).

Athletic Shield / Flag

He has reached 500 games leading Atlético. Does reality exceed forecast?

I start with today's game. It was tough, as always against Getafe. The first 30 minutes we played as we wanted, the goal came, Lemar's chance, some situations that we were able to solve better and then we entered a section where they began to play where Getafe wanted more and that's how it was in the second half. We had no chances, neither they nor we, but we could not go out to the backlash, we could not partner to get out of their pressure and that generated that until the end of the game there was an unknown. The 1-0 we know is very dangerous. Talking about the forecasts… I always thought about game by game and living in the present. When I got on the plane to come here I knew that I always wanted to come back and take the club here with all the people who accompanied us and accompany us such as Miguel Ángel Gil, Cerezo, Caminero, the players … With men, the relationship will go a long way. beyond football.

Can you imagine reaching 1,000 games?

Since I arrived and we got together with Miguel (Ángel Gil) and Enrique Cerezo, I told them: “Let's go game by game” and I'm not going to change. I feel that each game is the last and that is how we will try to be until the situations lead us to leave the club.

Getafe have not scored a goal in 18 games.

They are situations. Atlético spent 14 years without beating Real Madrid, I don't know how many games without beating Barcelona and it's football, it can happen and there is always a day that changes the dynamics. We face all the games in the most exciting way, with the greatest motivation we have.

A football wish for 2021?

It would be too selfish to think about soccer. Have health, be able to give a friend a hug, have parties, meetings and everything that escaped us at this time. Good health for everyone.

What feeling does this year leave you?

We cannot handle them in that period. We handle it for championships. In the past we achieved the goal of reaching the Champions League with difficulties and effort. We did badly in the Cup, we couldn't continue competing as we wanted, we got excited after Liverpool and we were disappointed in the quarterfinals. At this start of the season we started again with the same energy and strength, a better preparation and harmony with the footballer who is participating today and we arrive at the middle of the year, we have the other half left to assess what you ask me.

The absence of Trippier was noted, who cannot even train.

I keep insisting, it seems unfair that Atlético see themselves in these situations and the English Federation, which is the one that makes the decision, is not affected. Now we are not going to have it, hopefully the situation can be reviewed and analyzed and why Atlético pays in something that does not have any participation. Improving the work of Vrsaljko, it is normal that today it has cost him the start of the game after so many months that he is not a starter. We have a footballer with personality, a national team and who will grow game after game. We will look for variants to Sime because there are many games between now and March.

These games that are worth a lot.

Having a regularity and stability every game is not easy or simple. The rival plays, competes in the same way and the day the team is less fine facing the game, you have to win. Without any doubt it is the most important thing.


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