Busy morning for mother Daniel Sancho this Wednesday in Koh Samui. The judge of the Court has authorized Silvia Bronchalo access to all the information about his son’s case, finally admitting the famous power of attorney that was denied a few days ago. However, she has been delivered to him on an encrypted storage device that has kept her wandering around the island of Koh Samui all morning.

After visiting his son in prison early in the day, Bronchalo went to a nearby copy shop. Accompanied by a private driver who acted as a translator, she tried to print all the documentation without success: “It required a signature,” the owner said in TardeAR. She has not given up and she has gone to another establishment, from which she has returned empty-handed.

It is unknown what Silvia intends to do with all this information, since Daniel’s only known lawyers in Spain are those hired by Rodolfo Sancho, a common front of which his ex refused to be part. In fact, the actor was the first to obtain the power of attorney for his son and his legal team has had this police documentation for 15 days, but they have not shared it with Silvia.

Meanwhile, the Chipirrás-Balfagón firm and Marcos García Montes are already working on the testimony of Luis, the man who reported Edwin Arrieta for harassment in 2005: “He took me to the limit, I could have been Daniel Sancho,” he said. “It will depend on the Thai lawyer if he takes this testimony into consideration at trial,” the lawyer said.