Shocking words from Bruce Willis’ wife about the actor’s dementia: “It’s very hard for the family”

Emotion and unconditional love from Emma Hemming as she reveals harsh revelations about her husband, Bruce Willis,’s brutal fight against dementia. To the actor of The sixth Sense, 68, was diagnosed with FTD (frontotemporal dementia), after detecting aphasia, a language disorder, in 2022. Regarding her daily battle, Emma slipped that it is “hard to know” if she is aware of what is happening to her. She has been during the interview for the program Today, the first time she has spoken in the media about her husband’s health after receiving the diagnosis. She has admitted that it was “a blessing and a curse.”

The actor, a blockbuster icon like Pulp Fiction, Die Hard, The Fifth Element, Armaggedon y The protected, He maintains his daily fight against dementia, which was diagnosed last February. Without holding back her tears, his wife spoke in the interview about how he faces the “pain and sadness” of seeing how the disease deteriorates his behavior.

Emma Hemming spoke in Today about how hard this process is: “Dementia is difficult, that’s what I’m learning (…) It’s hard for the patient and it’s hard for the family, for Bruce and for our daughters (Mabel, 11, and Evelyn, 8).” He has also relied on “love, patience and resilience.”