New twist on the soap opera ShakiraPique. the phrase of Shakira in her last song that few or no one of us had noticed is a step further in the string of darts that the Colombian singer has launched in her songs against the father of her children. And it is that what she says to Gerard Piqué in the last song that he has released, it is summed up like this: “Fuck you”. No need translation.

We cannot talk about Shakira’s hidden message to Piqué in her latest song, and now that we have detected it, it is even more striking that the one from Barranquilla has warned that she does not rule out lawsuits against those who name her without permission in their songs.

If we thought that up to now Shakira’s songs were full of messages towards her ex, with the hints and not so hints that we already knew, and in which it seems that she says what she thinks after being abandoned by the former Barcelona player, in love with a twenty-something , now we reach another level if we look at an expression that had gone unnoticed.

In TQG, Shakira’s new hit, performed this time with Karol G, the singers talk about a past love that wants to come back, but there is a phrase that had not been noticed too much and in which it sends a harsh message to the former soccer player .

To verify that what we say is true and that it is not an exaggeration, you have to look closely, because it is not easy to perceive it. During the song, there is a moment where Shakira not only says “fuck you” (translated as ‘fuck you’) but laughs when pronouncing it.

But don’t name her…

The Colombian artist is not shy but she cannot even be named. As we anticipated this Friday, he would be considering suing the Puerto Rican singer anuel aa, after he used his name for the response song that he has made to the successful theme of the one from Barranquilla with Karol G.Also read: Shakira changes her plans: she wants to sell her Miami mansion and settle on a private island

it all started with TQGwhere both artists sing a letter in the form of a taunt for their respective ex, the Catalan and the one from Puerto Rico: “You got yourself a new girlfriend, what she doesn’t know is that you’re still seeing all the stories (…) Tell your new baby that I don’t compete for men, to stop pulling, that at least I had you pretty”.

So, Anuel AA launched richer than yesterdaya song in which he tells how his romance with Karol G ended and, in addition, refers to the breakup of the interpreter of Torture with the former Barça footballer: “You look better with me than with him (…) Throw me the DM (direct message), not to be fighting. You’re not Shakira and I’m not Piqué.”

The Barranquillera will take legal action against the reggaeton singer because in a song “you cannot mention a person’s own name without prior authorization” which, in addition, must be signed in writing. In this way, Shakira would also shield herself in case the owner of Kosmos thought to listen to the requests of many who dream of a counterattack in the form of a song.

It is worth mentioning that, although the Colombian singers sang to their respective exes, they did not directly use their name, since Shakira even mentioned in a very subtle way Clara ChiaGerard Piqué’s twenty-something girlfriend, in the Session 53 next to Shaving.