Shakira goes to Miami after Christmas: lies and truths about Piqué and his ex

Rumors and news about Shakira y Pique They do not give up despite the fact that the legal battle between the singer and the former Barcelona player has ended with the signing of the agreement on the future of their children. Much of the information that continues to be published does not correspond to reality.

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A week ago, some television program stated that there was a serious crisis between Piqué and his girlfriend. Clara Chia, which even pointed to a break. The reality was very different: as we already counted, the former Barcelona player and the twenty-something were enjoying a few days of vacation in Prague, playing poker. In addition, Clara Chía frequents the house of her boyfriend and the young woman is fully integrated into the player’s family, she even lets herself be seen with her parents, as one more member of hers.

On another set, there has been talk these days about the next steps of the Colombian and her children, assuring that Shakira cannot move with the children to Miami, after Christmas, as was signed in the agreement, because they supposedly must ratify the document before in a Court of the North American city. It’s false. They argue that since this process would take at least two or three months, the singer would be obliged to remain in Barcelona with her children, until this process is resolved. It isn’t true. She can go now.

They also affirm that as Shakira’s father’s health is delicate, he has to continue in Barcelona, ​​until his state of health improves. William Mebarak. It’s not true either. Informalia He has been able to confirm with Gerard Piqué’s entourage that it is false that the agreement signed in Barcelona has to be validated in Miami. What’s more, Piqué would be delighted that this case occurred, since that way he would be calm, every time he goes to visit his children, that Shakira and her family will not put any impediment to him to spend the 10 days a month that are stipulated in the agreement.

Nothing prevents the Latin pop star from going to the United States once the Three Kings party is over. Nothing prevents him from taking his father, who has improved a lot after his last release from the hospital, traveling to Miami on a medicalized plane, if necessary.