Shakira, evicted by Gerard Piqué: the poisoned mail that the father of the former soccer player sent him

Shakira He has caught a flight this Sunday and, although he is going on vacation for a few days with his children, his final destination is Miami. She will no longer return to Spain after Holy Week. Everything seemed to indicate that she had made this decision after receiving news related to the state of her father’s health, but it seems that there is more.

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It has emerged that the Colombian artist received an order to leave the house in Espulgues de Llobregat, where her children grew up. An email, as published by the Mamarazzis exclusively, of Joan Piquethe father of Gerard, in which he set the deadline for leaving the house on April 30. Otherwise, he would have to pay compensation.

And there more. Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa assure that she received this message after returning from New York, where three weeks ago she performed live for the first time, in The Jimmy Fallon Showhis successful Session 53. The house, which adjoins and is within the same urbanization as that of the former soccer player’s parents, was in the name of BCN TWO&TWO SL, whose administrator was Piqué senior.

Despite this email that urged Shakira to leave the house in just a month, Piqué would be angry at the way in which the artist has finalized her departure. He considers that things have not been done well. The one from Barranquilla, they maintain, informed her that she was leaving the country for good last Friday through her lawyers and she finally left Spain this Sunday, never to return. “He is very angry because he has warned him with very little time,” the former player’s surroundings slipped.

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Shakira made the decision one day after being told that her father could not be operated on at the Teknon clinic in Barcelona. The pending operation of William Mebarack (91) tied it to Catalan lands, but nothing of it holds it from it anymore. The children will start school on April 11 on the exclusive Miami Country Day. The Barcelona and Miami schools were aware of Shakira’s decision before Gerard himself, something that also deeply angered the owner of Kosmos. The former central defender also wanted his children to finish the school year at his center in Barcelona.