The Colombian artist continues to cash in with her latest song, Session 53. His particular vendetta against Gerard Piqué It has broken records on all music platforms and has become the best Latin premiere in history. The smartest have not wanted to miss the opportunity and have jumped on the bandwagon launching a good collection of merchandising with the most iconic phrases of Shakirasuch as “Women no longer cry, women charge”.

This is what the star wore this Monday from the balcony of his house in Barcelona, ​​where he went out to greet the fans. Shakira has it in off-white with letters stamped in black, but there are models for all tastes. For example, those of the Galician brand Trinketwhich has sweatshirts (35 euros), t-shirts (25 euros) and even tote-bags with the famous phrase in different colors and sizes (from 34 to 46).

The same brand has also launched a sweatshirt with another of the song’s catchiest phrases: ‘This is for you to mortify yourself, chew, swallow, swallow, chew’.

It’s not the only one. The Madrid firm I fuck you I said He has also put two sweatshirts on sale for 34.50 euros with two different phrases: ‘Women no longer cry, women bill’ and ‘A wolf like me is not for rookies like you’. They are available in grey, pink and black, with and without a hood, between sizes S and XXL, although some models are already sold out.

The custom t-shirt shop UpStudio has launched a black sweatshirt with careful gold typography. From sizes S to XL for 25.99 euros.

One of the prettiest is the old factory: metallic pink and fuchsia letters on a white background. The price? 25 euros.

At the company Carita Bonita he has opted for the phrase with which Shakira says goodbye to Bizarrap in the video clip and has stamped it in fluorescent pink and yellow on black. From S to XXL for 50 euros.