This Sunday, the youngest son of the singer and the former culé footballer, Sasha, he was 8 years old. The two reached an agreement so that the child could celebrate this marked day with both parents. They did the same thing the previous Sunday, when the eldest, Milanturned 10 years old.

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This weekend it was up to Shakira be with your children, but Gerard Piqué he was able to be with them for a few hours. The former culé defender picked up the children in the morning and ate with them and their parents, Joan Pique y Montserrat Bernabeu. Later she returned them to the house in Esplugues de Llobregat, where a party with friends and entertainers was waiting for them, organized by the one in Barranquilla.

Last weekend, Shakira and Piqué also reached an agreement for the happiness of their little ones. Piqué had them on Saturday and Sunday and delivered them hours before at Shakira’s house so they could celebrate Milan’s birthday with her mother.

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At times like this, the artist and the businessman from Kosmos put their differences aside, even though the war is far from over… Next February 2 is their birthday. She turns 46 and he turns 36. For this day, Shakira has prepared the release of a new song. After the resounding success of Session 53in which he has had the pleasure of humiliating Piqué worldwide and Clara Chiawho published their first image together a few days ago, we can expect everything…