Shakira and her children are in Barcelona and are delaying their move to Miami: these are the reasons

According to the agreement signed in November by Shakira y Pique about the family future of her children, the singer would travel to Miami with the children after the Christmas school holidays ended. In Spain they end days later than in the United States, where the feast of Three Kings is not celebrated.

However, the little ones Sasha y Milan They have returned to their school in Barcelona on January 9, despite what was agreed by their parents, an agreement ratified by the artist from Barranquilla and the former soccer player before the Barcelona Family Court in mid-December.

The worldwide uproar caused by Shakira’s new song, created jointly with the Argentine DJ Bizarrap, with poisoned darts, irony, humor and direct reproaches against Piqué, has meant that this presence of the Colombian in Barcelona, ​​outside the dates agreed with the father of her children, will go somewhat unnoticed.

According to what they tell Informalia from Piqué’s entourage, Shakira has delayed her departure to Miami due to the state of health of his father William Mebarak, 91 years old, hospitalized several times in recent months. This gentleman would still not be in a position to make such a long trip, not even in the Colombian private jet, unless he was medicalized.

On the other hand, Shakira prepares with her Catalan lawyers, specialized in tax crimes, her strategy and defense against the trial that confronts her with the Tax Agency, for the debt of 14.5 million euros that this organization demands, in addition to four years in prison.

Shakira is in no hurry to go to the United States. Her children go to the usual school and the agreement signed with Piqué is still in force, the children spend with their father and mother the days established, in force during their stay in Spain.

And on the other hand, with the incredible success of the theme Session 53 it is shown that the interpreter can live in any country in the world to continue succeeding and earning a great fortune every day, with the 55 million monthly listeners that she has as fixed followers, plus all the new ones that out of curiosity or to take sides in favor or against his message they listen to the topic of the moment over and over again. She already says it herself in one of the verses of the song: “Women don’t cry anymore, women bill”. Another thing is that this takes its toll on a personal level.