Seville wanted to dress up to celebrate the pass of the Spanish team to the next World Cup. Luis Enrique wanted a party in La Cartuja and the city put everything together for it. A practically complete crowd in the stands of the Olympic stadium, a football atmosphere sometimes longed for in this conditioned present, an energy infected by the illusion that this Luis Enrique team awakens. Not all were moments of happiness. Hundreds of fans missed much of the stake due to difficulties entering the venue while Forsberg threatened to destroy any celebration.

In the stands there were perhaps fewer fears than on the grass. “Gavi, Gavi, Gavi” sounded as the palace took roles of experienced leader. The Betis youth squad aroused perhaps more emotions than anyone. Your conductions. His daring. From fear of Forsberg to fear of Isak. But La Cartuja survived. With the watch as an ally and at the same time as an enemy. The stands sighed when Zlatan Ibrahimovic jumped onto the field and woke up when Morata appeared. With the European Championship in oblivion. Hoping that the Juventus striker would deliver a break.

The fears multiplied on the pitch also appeared in the stands with more than 50,000 spectators eager to relive another World Cup passport. Like in that 1993 stake that led to the United States. The “Spain, Spain” was present until the end. And fate wanted Morata to be the one to turn off any hint of doubt and seal the classification. The same one that was whistled in this same stadium during the Eurocup when the sensations were not as desired. His goal broke La Cartuja’s hint of silence. Seville was a party. He cheered Gavi. Surrendered to Morata. And Luis Enrique found the boiler he wanted. From La Cartuja to Qatar. From a ticket in question to a direct pass to the expected World Cup.