Quique Setién spoke at a press conference in the preview of the match against Osasuna

LaLiga has been complicated with the victory of Madrid, but what game awaits against Osasuna?

In principle, we will try, of course, to maintain our maximum competitive demand and we will try to win the game in anticipation of what may happen in the rest of the matches. Whether we have options or not, our obligation is to push ourselves to the maximum. Osasuna has had an excellent season.

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Luis Suárez says that he gives LaLiga for loss and that it is necessary to make self-criticism. Do you share your opinion?

That is their opinion. It is true that LaLiga is not yet lost because anything can happen, but it is true that it is difficult. More than our demerit, that we have left three draws, it is his merit. They have done things better for sure and they have left these two that they may win. But we will continue fighting until the end.

How is Messi physically, does he need to rest?

Surely many players need to rest. The records remain the same, but everyone is losing lucidity and spark. But we have already talked a lot about this topic.

You came to Barça and the team was leader. If this ends like this, will you feel you are responsible?

I am one more part, I assume my responsibility but not totally. Finding a culprit is always done in the figure of the coach. I don't feel like I did things so badly. It would give more merit to the rival, Madrid, who has won everything. That is difficult. Until now.

With a larger squad could LaLiga have competed?

I do not know if I said that we have arrived very tired. You have deduced that the team is exhausted but the team has performed well. And the rval always has things to prove. We have not been able to rotate. We must remember that we have lost seven games in a position in the center of the field in which the intention was to rotate. And one of our most energetic players we have lost seven games. And we played the game against Valladolid with a break of less than 72 hours and a trip. But so far.

How's De Jong going to play?

You probably have minutes. He has practiced with the group, is already in good disposition and has practically forgotten the problem. Let's see if we decide to start or during the game, it is clear.

Does the internal code allow wakesurfing like Piqué?

Well, I have not read it completely, but it seems to me that it does not appear.

At a soccer level, has Madrid been better than Barça?

I am not going to assess how Madrid has been. We have had moments in which we have been quite well and moments in which it has cost us a little more. I am not satisfied with the continuity that we have had in some things, but it is true that we could have done a little better; to have guessed a little more, to have played the second half of Valladolid with more calm. And this has happened to us in some games. We were in the process of improvement and we have lacked continuity.

How do you feel that Bartomeu ensures its continuity only until the end of the Champions League?

It is the president who speaks, what am I going to do? Nothing to say.

Until when did the team penalize losing so many points away from home?

Speaking of the time we are in, there have been very similar matches at home and away. There are parties that we have been able to resolve more clearly and we have not. The motives? Well, maybe not being able to take advantage of good times. In Valladolid or Vigo we have been exposed to a goal being scored in an isolated move, which is what has happened to us. The match that was balanced was that of Atlético de Madrid. In that I did not see a superiority in either team.

Beyond its continuity, he said he had talks with the sports management. Do you have the ability to decide or just think?

I comment. I give my perceptions and they theirs for later, when decisions have to be made, contribute until the people who are above in the club give the approval to these things.

Do you see yourself training Barcelona?

Of course, naturally I see myself training for Barça. This that you are living you have already lived more times. Sometimes the claims you have are not achieved, or yes, but behind there is a job done. Not just a result. This is what I understand or would like to see valued. If more could be achieved or even we have achieved more than many might think. But of course I see myself continuing.

He said teams that have been able to rotate more, that they have arrived fresher.

I mean the game the other day. It is that then I have to clarify things that I have not said.

Looking at him in the past, in other previous games could he have given other players minutes?

Surely. After that it is easy to make decisions, of course. But normally I have to decide before. If not, I wouldn't have taken them.

Messi is still the Pichichi and has broken the assistant record. How do you see it, the bar is always higher?

I see him well. It is true that there may be records that you are not complying with in relation to other years. But we all know who Messi is, he needs no introduction. Per is a player of a stratospheric level. Everything I can say about him I have already said.

What do you think of Vidal's numbers?

He has played more than 50 percent since we are here and is a footballer who transmits positivity, energy, and does things very well. He has already scored eight goals and he gives us a come, a threat, and sometimes he also contributes his quality. He is an important footballer, without a doubt.

How do you see Arthur, can he play?

He has returned to the list, is training and will have his option if it is essential and necessary.


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