Series A postponed another game, the sixth, of this controversial day 26. The League reported that Sampdoria-Verona, scheduled for Monday, will be held next May 13 together with Sassuolo-Brescia, Parma-SPAL, Udinese-Fiorentina, Milan-Genoa and Juventus-Inter. A necessary solution after announcing the president of the Liguria region, Giovanni Toti, that the match could only have been played behind closed doors due to the cases of coronaviruses in the area (25).

Yes, In the next few hours the teams could change their plans again: according to Sky Sport, it is being valued to recover the six postponed games of this day in the next weekend, moving the whole day 27 to May 13. A solution that would allow not to leave the classification halfway through the end of the season and would please everyone, canceling all the controversies of the last hours.

There was also talk of using next Wednesday and Thursday, postponing the Italian Cup semifinals back to May (Juventus-Milan and Naples-Inter). This Sunday, a Series A council was held at a conference call, where no solution was found: in the end it was decided to convene an extraordinary assembly, on Wednesday in Rome, to discuss face to face and settle the matter at once.