Sergio Pellicer: “Málaga had race, courage and knew how to suffer”

Step forward for Málaga. “The game is a reflection of how the team has worked this week, where we came from and under what circumstances. We must congratulate the players, those who have participated, and those who have been on the bench because given the situation we have had this week, all of us who live invisibly, have trusted. That is the most important. This victory means adding three points, but for me it is important because of the reaction capacity of the players and that this mentality makes us believe despite all the obstacles. It was a match against a team that we knew was coming from that first victory (against Ponferradina) and with a very defined style of play, with that effervescence. It is a team that manages the times very well, that has that control of possession. And we have been, especially in the first 15 and 20 minutes we recovered the ball and pressed up. And we have known how to compete. Getting ahead on the scoreboard meant that we had a different match plan in the second half. We missed that last pass to make transitions much faster. In the end we have suffered again. We tried to adjust the changes millimetrically by the subject of the chips, We had three records of the subsidiary. When Hicham came in, a player had to come out with a record from the subsidiary Iva to be Ramón and in the last action Ismael was injured and we had to change the plan. Hicham leaves and in the first action he is injured and we are left with one less. They react. But we have a positive mindset, especially for the fans, and that makes us have a positive mindset ”.

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Ismael and Hicham, injured. “The worst news is the injury of two important players for us. As they are muscle injuries, we know that one must be very rigorous with the diagnosis ”.

Málaga-Alcorcón is scheduled for Friday. “We are already preparing the game. Although it is set for Friday, it will possibly be Saturday. This week has already passed us. It does not seem ethical or normal to me. We are going to prepare the game for Friday, but if there may be another change, it is Of course, here there is another enormous lack of respect for all the teams and their coaching staff. But I am convinced that once all the First and Second teams start, this will not happen, when the big teams or the playoff teams start. Second. It will be solved. We are paying the duck in the sense that we get two games on Friday. It is clear why. Because it is Málaga, Málaga Club de Fútbol is a historic team and it is a team that in the This category is seen by more public than anyone and that is why they call us Friday, that's right. There is no other. We have a social base and a huge hobby. But they have to respect us from day to day at work because we don't know what load ”.

Importance of these three points? “Above all believe, that the players believe. We are under construction and we are few. The coaches are here to help, beyond the game system. Today we have changed to a line of four. A ten for the work of the players ”.

Malaga had not won away since February. “We are taking steps forward. The team has had race and courage. He has known how to suffer. Nor have we been in a lot of trouble. We know we have to improve but we have to take steps forward and know how far we want to go. Our goal is to compete and go goal by goal ”.