Sergio Pellicer: “I gave the bracelet to Ismael because it transmits the values ​​we want”

How is the work developing? “It has been a difficult week, due to the training plan conditioned by the match day. We did not know until Wednesday when we were playing, we had to play outside, prepare the trip … Castellón was the same, it's true. The fans, the players and the coaching staff deserve another treatment, that this be solved as soon as possible. It is not good for the best league in the world, it is not going to buy bread, it is organizing a trip. Training changes a lot due to the loads of playing Friday or Saturday, especially in an atypical preseason. But when the competition starts I hope that it will be fixed, that they sit at a table and that they will not be fixed in the courts. In the face to face and that it is the best for football ”.

Matos and Lombán. “Lombán is registered, Matos is in a situation similar to that of Orlando Sá in Tenerife. We are trying to fix the enrollment, although the tools are not easy. We are going to try to put the best eleven possible. We are waiting for the professional files, what we are used to, we will work and I hope that more registrations can be arranged. David Lombán comes with little annoyances, but he can help us. The club is working 24 hours. We have confirmed that he is enrolled, he comes from some muscular problems that do not allow him to be 100%, but he is one more professional record ”.

About the ERE. “On the subject of complicity. It is not a pleasant situation on a day-to-day basis. We must get it out in the best possible way. The players have come with that illusion of being here at Malaga. There is a lot of external noise that does not help, but above all there is the club. From there we find many different situations. The club is very big in history and fans. It is ahead of everyone. There are points at stake and we do not have to look for excuses, but understand the difficulty and complexity. The players have realized what Malaga is, that it is a place where they will always have the highest demands and must overcome. I am very happy with how we work and integrate, it is going to be released. The players are the real actors ”.

System change. “We are not bent on a system. Depending on the players and needs we can change. Matos will help us, Jozabed will not be in Castellón although he will also help. The competition has already started, but we must gradually mold. We are in the acclimatization phase, from there we do our best for the team. We have to have variety and, from there, with the profile of the players, that the individualities improve the team. We are happy with the additions of Matos and Jozabed. “

Tete Morente. “We know perfectly well that he is a talented player, he is an artist, for us he was very important. But we know that the market is open, the situation of the club, and a team paid its clause. We accept it, although it doesn't help. Now we focus on those who will play. The talent, the characteristics of the players who come, must benefit the collective. We are optimistic. “

Castellón. “We play a team, beyond the personal, 20 kilometers from my house (Pellicer is from Nules). My brother played in the youth team of Castellón. Going to my land, seeing my family, it's special. I wish you the best of luck after this day. They made their debut in the category against a difficult opponent, away from home. And they managed to win the game with a goal in transition and another from set pieces, as 80% of the goals arrive. They handle that well. We go with the idea of ​​looking forward, without looking back. The present is to fight with a rival with effervescence and a lot of motivation, but with passion and desire, no one is going to beat us. The team showed enthusiasm in Tenerife. We have a lot to improve, we are the first self-critics. I hope that soon we can look at things better ”.

Messages. “The first message after Tenerife was that we are under construction. We have to determine a reality, until the market ends we will not have that peace of mind. We are in the process of construction, but Malaga has demands, it is reality, which implies being in a great club. The winning teams must withstand that pressure, we know how football is. We will try with desire and heart, but patience must also be there. We know how the business is run and that there are already points at stake. The message for this game is that we are going to give everything. The effort is non-negotiable, nobody is going to stop running. Little by little we will improve physically, technically and in all circumstances. You see the players with that predisposition. That the head is fresh, we notice the spirit of the fans although we will miss it because it earns us points ”.

The youngest captain: “The captaincy of Ismael Casas I have decided because until the market closes we do not know the staff that we will have. He's a young kid. The other day it was together with Juande perhaps the ones who had played the most games. It has been a personal decision, it does not mean that you have to be charged with responsibility. The kids are there to help, they have to play and forget about the rest. I gave him the bracelet because it perfectly conveys the values ​​of what we want the team to be. As of October 5, once the market is closed, it will be the players who vote for the captains ”.

Lombán and Matos enter the list

David Lombán and José Joaquín Matos they are novelty in a list where there are eleven homegrown players. Lombán is already registered and Matos hopes to resolve this process in hours and in time to debut.

This is the ratio of summoned. Dani Barrio (13), Gonzalo (29), Luis Hernández (4), Lombán (5), Boulahroud (6), Cristian Rodríguez (7), Orlando Sá (9), Esteban Rolón (14), Yanis Rahmani (17) , Matos (18), Caye Quintana (20), Iván Calero (21), Escassi (23), Benkhemassa (24), Ismael (26), Juande (27), Ale Benítez (28), Ramón Enríquez (30), Hicham (31), Quintana (32), Mini (35), Issa Fomba (36), Hoyos (37) and Larrubia (39).

Altas de Lombán, Matos, Hicham and Hoyos. Departures from Tete Morente, Eugenio and Julio,