Call for 20 players. “We cannot be at the whim of the coach. The subsidiary is about to start, we believe that these 20 players have a chance to compete. You have to have empathy with the technical bodies. With all people, every decision we make affects others. It is a job that we have discussed with Manolo and Duda, it must be done with common sense. We think that with the recovery of Benkhemassa and Lombán, although they are not 100% but they can help us during the game. We prioritize this. That the subsidiary does not have those chip problems, that we all work as a team, we are all one. That is the idea and the explanation of the call “.

Goal problems. “We have to change aspects of work, not in the goal itself, but to have that ability to reach the area. The work week has been intense, both in terms of field work, as well as with video. This week we have had more video sessions than usual. Trying to improve those facets so that it doesn't happen to us like it did against Las Palmas. Have patience as a team. In that aspect we know that we have to work. We don't work two hours, we all work long hours. We have to make that transfer to the party. We have to continue to be in solidarity on a defensive level. As football progresses without physicality, talent is diluted. It is the path that football is taking us. We have to be tactical in solidarity. Try to wear down the rival. In a match there can be several matches at the same time. We did not know how to meet offensively the other day against Las Palmas. It does not have to serve as an excuse. We know that the goal is expensive, that it is difficult, I have full confidence ”.

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Work to improve, especially in attack. “He has seen one of the worst scoring ability records. The goal is expensive, it is very difficult, but I have full confidence to correct it tomorrow. Find ourselves in intermediate areas, but above all have patience and tranquility. We have to improve that facet and continue to be in solidarity on a defensive level. Without physique, talent is diluted. It is the path that football is taking us on, we have to be very supportive. You have to know how to wear down your rival ”.

Cristian and Jozabed. “Beyond the system changes, we know that this week, more calmly, I see them as interiors or in another drawing with 3-4-3 where Cristian can play in the center or in more advanced areas. Beyond the tactical drawing, there are two players who have to help in this phase of the campaign because there are five games in 15 days and it is impossible for us to repeat the line-up. 15 days is a shredder ”.

Accumulation of matches. “Trying to get players to recover. Let's wait to see if we can have Joaquín. With Ismael and Hicham we will have to expect the same as Christ. The branch players are going to help us. 15 days are coming very intense and hard for everyone. The most important thing, beyond the physical state is the soul. We have to be very realistic with our team and self-critical like the other day when we were not well. We have to enjoy the day to day and I tell them that. We want to take steps forward. Work, tenacity and temperament ”.

Alberto Escassi. Where do you see him better, central or midfielder? “In both positions. Alberto has played his entire life as a midfielder. In training we have put him as a midfielder or center-back. He is a player who has a lot of hierarchy, he knows how to position himself, he has a sense of the game and is good in the air game. In a 4-3-3 it can be our 'six'. We see him in both positions. Here the individualities are in the background. This is a collective, it is not like tennis which is an individual sport ”.

Reunion with Adrián. “It is a special case and it does not need communications or letters of appreciation, which is what I really have for it. I had Adrián as an assistant and as a coach. He is a good player, an endangered species. As a professional he is a ten and as a person he exceeds it. It has a great ability to speed up and pause the game. Know how to understand the game. I am excited. I told him. Theirs is a return exit. Adrián will return to Málaga, I don't know if it will be as a player as a coach because he has left a residue. It is an example in situations that we live of Adrián as captain. I have personal appreciation for him because he represents everything that a coach wants from a player. must have a player. I told Manolo, it's a shame he can't be with us. He suffered a lot, we suffered a lot. And he pushed his body to the limit to help the team. He deserves it all. I hope that the ‘ex’ who score a goal for their old team does not come true. “

Ismael Casas and his relapse of the injury. “Of course I was ready to play Las Palmas. It was replaced not by overloads but by technical decision. He is a boy who sins more by excess than by default. The day of the Lightning already wanted to be. You have the drive and desire to help. I hope I return in the best possible condition. That excess of helping and not saying that it is overloaded, does not happen again.

Ramon. “He did not play because another player appeared. It will be very difficult because of how the competition is. With Ramón we are very happy with his performance and he is in full growth phase. The important thing is not to play 30 games but to play the greatest number of games at a high level ”.

Baraja says that Málaga can play in various ways,: “There have been five games that have not been normal circumstances of a season. The situation is already clear, the wealth we have. Beyond changing the system we want to have variants depending on our players and the rival. The most important thing is the concepts, understanding the game. Zaragoza has a very clear stamp with their coach. Baraja took the youth of Valencia when I left. 4-4-2, a very supportive team on a defensive level. Midfielders with a very good foot, threatens very well the spaces. A very solid team that has not conceded any defeat. It is a big team, the one with the most subscribers in the category. Along with us, the most affected by not being able to enjoy their fans. They have conceded very few chances. “

Option to play with part of the capacity. “You have to be very cautious, the news speaks for itself. There are many contagious situations, we know that in lower categories the public is entering but in professional football you cannot take risks, every day we are doing tests, there is an exhaustive control. We would like it, of course. Today they have seen a video of the actions of the match against Zaragoza last year, the players have seen it and imagine. It is one more plus. But the most important thing right now is health. Let's hope that our leaders will provide solutions and rise to the occasion ”.


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