So, as expected, Serena Williams has reached the final of the US Open 2019. She will be facing Andreescu of Canada in the US Open final. However, she was not as perfect as she was in her first match against Maria Sharapova.

She was found struggling in the first set, especially in the first game. She could take it up somehow. The second set was once again as difficult in the beginning. However, son, we found THE real Serena Williams, and she was back to her natural game.

The win was impressive enough and showed an impeccable performance with a 6-3, 6-1 victory. Williams beat 5th seed Elina Svitolina of Ukraine. The game was held at the Arthur Ashe Stadium on Thursday night. Incidentally, this is her fourth final in the last six major tournaments.

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“To be in yet another final, it seems, honestly, crazy,” was what Serena Williams had to tell us about her victory. This will be the seventh US Open win for Serena if she succeeds winning the championship this time around. She has already won six versions so far.

In her final, she will be facing the 19 year old Bianca Andreescu of Canada. Her opponent in the semi final has praised for her in spite of the defeat at the hands of Williams. Svitolina stated that “You are playing in front of the best tennis player in the world. She reached the final in 2018 as well and lost to the defending champion Naomi Osaka. Incidentally enough, Osaka has already bowed of the competition in this year’s edition.

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