Serena Williams starred in a tough moment this Thursday after her defeat against Naomi Osaka in the semifinals of the Australian Open. The seven-time tournament champion, saddened and frustrated at having missed a new opportunity to win her 24th Grand Slam title, left the post-game press conference in tears after having responded without much enthusiasm and with short sentences to eight questions from journalists who were in the Melbourne Park conference room.

“The unforced errors throughout the game, considering how well you played to get to this round … What do you think caused that? Was it just one of those bad days at the office?” This was the question that triggered the reaction of the American. “I don't know, I'm done,” he said as he got up to leave.

“I made so many mistakes …, especially with the right, they were easy, easy mistakes,” he had reiterated before. They also questioned him if his farewell, standing on the track and with his right arm raised, very heartfelt, had been a goodbye, and from that commitment he came out enigmatic: “I don't know, if I ever say goodbye, I wouldn't tell anyone.”


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