The Athletic Foundation publishes a book entitled ‘Ser Williams’. Autobiographical in nature, it tells the “exciting story” of Igor Porset Domingo, player with intellectual disabilities who wears the red and white jersey in the Genuine team.

With this book, of which 7,000 copies have been published, the reality of people with intellectual disabilities is visible, claiming their worth. In this case, life is explained Igor, who was born with ‘Williams Syndrome’.

Pick up the baton as an ambassador of the values ​​of the Bilbao club of Óscar de Marcos and Ainhoa ​​Tirapu, who last year were chosen by the Foundation to publish their stories “Togo” and “Bizitza eskukadaka”, respectively.

The books, in Basque and Spanish, and with Easy Reading texts, will be distributed in educational centers, agreed clubs and bookshops in Bilbao. The distribution of the novel “Ser Williams” is free and contains in its final part a QR code for those who want to collaborate with the Foundation's social projects.


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