Sekou Gassama continues to recover from his muscle injury in the median adductor of his left leg and it is very difficult to be at El Toralín on Sunday to face Ponferradina. His debut, except surprise, will be delayed again. The forward does not want to rush and prioritizes recovering “one hundred percent”. “My recovery is going well. I think about arriving well, not about whether I will be there for Sunday. I don't want to get to Sunday and have to stop for the next. If not this week, it will be the other, or the other … Hopefully not so much, “he said in BE Malaga.

This ailment has prevented him from making his debut and the attacker is like crazy to put on the blue and white jersey: “I'm really looking forward to making my debut in our stadium and helping, working, running, putting, celebrating… Everything. I have come for it, to make up time and show”.

Coat of Arms / Flag Málaga

Regarding his signing for Málaga, he acknowledged that it was not very difficult to make the decision: “I knew they were interested in me. I decided to come, Manolo called me and I spoke with the coach to decide if he would come, they convinced me and I hope to return that trust. There is nothing to sell, it is not necessary to sell much to Malaga, which is a historical. But they give you confidence. I've known Manolo for a long time and it didn't take much. Malaga knows him all over the world. The fans, the stadium, the club, everything. You go to China and say Malaga and everyone knows it. Fuck, of course I saw the Málaga Champions League! It was small but I saw that. That year he had a great team. Demichelis, Weligton the captain, Baptista, Toulalan, Eliseu, Camacho, Joaquín … Great equipment. I am very happy to be here and to restore confidence ”.

The homegrown players are causing a sensation in this championship start, especially Roberto and Kevin. “They have surprised me. They come from the quarry with that desire and that projection and it is appreciated that players leave the quarry, as in their day I left the Almería. That motivates the players who come from below ”, acknowledges Sekou.

The expectations that Málaga has generated with their good game in these first days are high, but the Blue and White striker asks for calm: “The League has just started, you can't say one thing or another. I know we have a good squad, that we can improve and we will improve, step by step. Each game we will set goals. This year is much more complicated, with the help the teams have been strengthened. It always is, but there may be surprises. Match by match ”.