Why is it so difficult for Malaga to score a goal? It is not a problem that comes from now. In all its stages, good and bad, the team has not shown a devastating efficiency in this facet. It is true that it has been a facet with several authors. But the reality is that Malaga hasn't even had a traditional top scorer for a long time.

In this reality, it is excellent news that Sekou Gassama was able to participate in part of this Wednesday's training and present his candidacy to play next Sunday at El Molinón against Sporting after improving from the muscular ailment that has prevented him from making his debut as a Malaguista. But its contest is very doubtful because it could be hasty. The return of Pablo Chavarría is also eagerly awaited. Gunpowder necessary for this Malaga.

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If we take a look at the last quarter of a century we find that Malaga has had very few natural specialists in the area. Catanha was Pichichi of Second in 1999 with 25 goals (tied with Sequeiros) and competed the following year, already in the First Division with Salva Ballesta, who ended up being the top scorer (27 goals to 24 for ‘Red Cangrejo who finished second). Dely Valdés with 17 goals in 2001 and the aforementioned Salva, with 19, left a bar that has never been surpassed. The closest one was Rondón with 14 goals in 2011. The Venezuelan scored eleven in 2012, the same as Charles in 2016. Sandro in 2017 and Sadiku in 2020 scored 13 and Adrian in 2019 scored 10. Nobody else has surpassed in the same season the double figures. In the last league the top scorers were Luis Muñoz and Yanis with only five goals.

In these six days, Málaga has only scored five goals; two from Paulino one from Roberto, Escassi and Luis Muñoz. Little revenue for so many attempts. Because José Alberto's team takes 73 shots. Paulino is the one who shoots the most, there are eleven shots by nine by Luis Muñoz and eight by Roberto. But what is needed is aim.

In this context, the debut of Sekou and the return of Pablo Chavarría can provide that much-needed goal.