secret destination and a big mansion full of intimates

Journalist Antonio Rossi She will say ‘yes, I want’ on August 16 to her boyfriend in a spectacular party attended by a large number of famous close friends of the couple. The celebration will take place, as the host and Hugo Fuertes have been saying, at Casa Mónico, on the outskirts of Madrid, and together they have organized down to the smallest detail: the invitations, the food, the music, the flowers. Two months before the big day, their friends are already starting to surprise them with goodbyes. This is the case of Hugo, who this week had to pack his bags to go with a small number of friends to Marbella, although the destination was a secret for him. They picked him up at his house in the Salamanca neighborhood, where he shares a home with Rossi, and from there they headed in a mini van to the Costa del Sol.

Precisely in Marbella they rented a cassette with a pool and jacuzzi to give the former dancer a few days of absolute madness. “Here they go to fo… everyone except me“, said Hugo when he arrived at the house and did a ‘house tour’. We don’t know if this is true, because Hugo has not recorded everything that has happened these days in Marbella, but we have been able to see in several stories He came up having a great time. They have gone out to restaurants, they have danced in trendy clubs and they have also spent a lot of time in the house’s pool, where Hugo has shown off his great body. The one from Jaca is a former professional dancer and although he is no longer dedicated to the art, he continues to exercise a lot daily, as he says on social networks.

Antonio Rossi and Hugo met a little over a year ago but they were so clear from the beginning that they were made for each other, that they soon took the step of moving in together. And it was on one of the many getaways they made when they decided to seal their love with a romantic wedding. It was the journalist himself who confirmed their relationship last summer on Ana Rosa’s program. “I’m getting married next year, very happy and very content. It has been organized for three months and my friends and everyone who is going to come already know it. Everything is organized. We have a date, place, DJ. Everything, everything. Hugo and I are very happy and enjoying the lover”, he said excitedly. On the guest list, of more than 150 people, they appear from the journalist’s bossAna Rosa Quintana and his partner, Xelo Montesinosa Patricia Pardo y Christian Galvez, Bibiana Fernández, Cristina Tárrega or Miguel Ángel Nicolás. And, of course, many of his close friends, such as Sonia Ferrer, Sandra Aladro or Belén Esteban, among others. And if Hugo has gone on his farewell these days, Rossi’s will surely arrive soon. The journalist is very loved by his colleagues and they will surely organize something nice for him to say goodbye to his precious singleness.