Cristbal sees the second yellow and is ejected by Daz de Mera.

The VAR on Sunday gave rise to an indite situation in Second Division: Cristbal, from Fuenlabrada was expelled twice in the match against Girona. What happened?

The midfielder saw a card direct red through an entrance to Granell in a split ball mediated the second part. Then, the referee Daz de Mera decided to review the play on the monitor. After seeing the images, he changed his initial decision: the foul deserved yellow, instead of red. So we had to go find Cristbal in the locker room Fernando Torres Stadium.

But less than half a minute after returning to the grass and before the game resumed, he was ejected again. I lived a new pique with Granell and Daz de Mera took the second yellow. Again to the locker room, this time not to return. Fuenlabrada could not overcome after the singular episode and conceded its first home defeat since October 20.

Polymic goal

The duel between Fuenlabrada and Girona was heated from Stuani's goal that gave the victory to the Catalan team. At 18 minutes the Uruguayan striker signed a great goal, biting the ball from outside the area to goalkeeper Biel Ribas, in a play that was born from a hand of Gumbau in offensive action in the pre-pass control. The local players and the fans called for the intervention of the VAR but both rose to the scoreboard.

“They are situations of the VAR, which is to help and the referee is the one who decides. We have to try to help him but the goal is preceded by a hand and the play is interpreted by the referee when he could have reviewed the play and has not even revised, “said David Prieto in the mixed zone at Fernando Torres Stadium.

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