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Second Division: The genius of 'Mágico' Gonzlez in the challenge of the toilet paper roll | LaLiga SmartBank 2019

Gabby Barker





The myth of cadism Jorge 'Mágico' Gonzlez has taken off his hat and, from his home in El Salvador, has taken the wand and sent a message of encouragement with a series of unbelievable touches to ennoble a roll of toilet paper in his living room.

A monument to football that the Cdiz has shared on his twitter account in an expressive message in which he points out that Mgico Gonzlez 'takes the challenge of the roll of toilet paper to another level' and, with a translatable emoticon like a screaming face, concludes that 'magic is not lost'.

The Magician, 62 years old and quarantine follows In his Salvadoran home, he plays and plays with both legs and when he goes back a little, with the right heel he puts it back on the left and continues with the toilet paper as if it were a new ball, like Diego Maradona He tried a paper ball that fell to his side in the field of Seville.

If the Cdiz has hung up the boast, which was the central defense of the cadistas between 1978-1983 and technical secretary from 1988 to 1994, the Argentine Hugo Vaca, abounds in the genius of who was his partner and stresses that what he does is only 'within the reach of privileged'.

Vaca hangs a still more difficult one in which the scroll, after two touches ahead, goes to the back of the Magician and he, with a heel, puts it back on the right leg of the genius of El Salvador, who continues feeding literature to the many real and apcrifa that he already treasures of his Cadiz journey.

The video for this Wednesday joins another one that Jorge Gonzlez posted yesterday with the following message: “Cadista friends, now there is only one message to send: 'Stay at home'. For all of you, for all Andalusians and all Spaniards send you my love from my country, where I also sent the same message. Soon everything will pass and we will see each other again. I love them very much. “

'Mágico' Gonzlez acquired in his stage as a footballer the status of myth among the fans of the Cdiz, club in which he played in two stages (1982-1984 and 1986-1991) and in total six seasons in the Spanish First Division and two in Second.

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