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Scotland regulates the head shot in minors by medical advice

Gabby Barker



First country in Europe to follow the US. The football federation of Scotland will follow the example of United States and will be the first European country to ban the head shot in the games of children under 12. The decision comes after a study of the Glasgow University, which concluded that professional soccer players have a rate three times higher than the average population suffering from neurodegenerative diseases due to the repeated impact of the ball against the head. England may be next to follow suit, Since the Norwich University has initiated a study to measure the incidence of Alzheimer's in the head auctioneers. For its part, the FIFA, what is willing to introduce temporary changes for players who receive blows to the head during a match, also studies regulating the use of the head shot in the soccer schools of minors in the face of scientific coincidences that may affect health.

Infantino, the JJ OO and women's football. After five years out of Olympic committee, FIFA has become part of the IOC. Infantino He was elected to the panel at the 135th Lausanne Congress, with 63 votes in favor, 13 against and three abstentions. Upon leaving elected IOC member, Infantino was noted proposing an increase in the quota in the women's Olympic tournament, which would be played by 16 countries, four more than they do today.

Madrid and the VAR. Although they don't forget the Classic December (with the two famous penalties stolen to Varane), at Real Madrid they are more satisfied with the VAR this season, which now leads the company Hawk-eye. In the white club they believe that the current system is more strict and precise, as seen in the semifinal of the Super Cup between Barça Y Athletic, in which they annulled two goals to Messi and Piqué thanks to the multitude of repetitions They proved their illegality. They are also satisfied with the goal voided this Saturday at From Jong.

Commitment of Rubiales with Victor. The president of the RFEF has made the commitment to Víctor Sánchez del Amo to offer you a position in the technical organization chart of the Federation after his traumatic departure from Malaga. Of course, there is no specific date or specific charge yet assigned.

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