Bayern's historic hit at the Pokal, where they were eliminated after losing on penalties to the modest Holstein Kiel of the Bundesliga second division, has raised a wave of criticism of coach Hansi Flick and his risky staging. One of the first to speak out and consider the Bayern code “cracked” was Bastian Schweinsteiger, a retired former Bayern and Mannschaft player and now a television analyst for Germany's leading channel ARD. From Schweini's point of view, virtually every team knows where the champion's Achilles heel is. And they have learned to make the most of it.

“I perceive that the teams that face Bayern always try to take advantage of the advanced defense with which they usually play to throw balls at their back”, analyzed Schweinsteiger after the debacle of his former team, with which he managed to raise the treble in 2013. “It was perfectly seen in this game and in many previous ones. I have the feeling that, little by little, the Bayern code has been exposed, “he said. Schweinsteiger is clear about it and asked himself before the game: “Will they always continue to play with the lines so far ahead or, depending on the situation, will they retreat ten meters so as not to offer similar spaces to the rival?”

Flick does not coincide with Schweini, with whom he won the 2014 World Cup as Joachim Löw's second. “Regarding 1-1, I already said that we had to secure the spaces behind us. But it has nothing to do with playing with the advanced lines “, underlined the Mister Munich. “It is true that the 1-1 was a disappointment because of how it came about. It is not the first time that it happens to us. We have to improve in our game against the ball and also with the ball at our feet, “he explained. At least he admitted that his tactic carries a number of risks: “We know it and we are working on it,” concluded Flick.

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