A first day does not say anything about a trajectory. There were multiple debuts that impressed players who then never returned to that level and those of many others who did not arrive well on the first day and then more than fulfilled.

Saúl started a new stage at Chelsea this weekend. The midfielder wanted to try in London to meet again, but the first day he could not get anywhere near his best level. The man from Elche was not very successful and the English press gave him strength by including his debut match among the ten worst debuts of the Premier Legue.

“Fans called his first-half performance for the Blues 'rubbish' and the manager replaced him after just 45 minutes of action. The Spaniard, who was loaned by Atlético de Madrid on a transfer deadline, was thrown to the bottom against Aston Villa and could not float, “can be read in the information in the Daily Mail.

Chelsea Shield / Flag

Saúl was a starter in the middle alongside Kovacic, but he didn't have his best day. The former Atlético completed 82% of his passes, but had three losses. Tuchel decided to enter Jorginho at halftime in a match in which Chelsea ended up beating the 'villains' 3-0 with a double from Romelu Lukaku.

The other players on that list are: Thiago Silva (2020, Chelsea), Ali Dia (1996, Southampton), Ferdinand (2000, Leeds), Gervinho (2011, Arsenal), Torres (2011, Chelsea), Evra (2006, United), Joe Cole (2010, Liverpool) ), Koscielny (2010, Arsenal), Sheringham (1997, United), Jankewitz (2021, Southampton). Some, after that first day, became real stars in their clubs.