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Simeone, at a press conference.
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The coach of Atletico de Madrid, Diego Pablo Simeone, he stressed that he believes “absolutely” in Joo Flix and that they are “waiting” for the Portuguese striker to let them “lend an important hand in the second round“from LaLiga Santander, while highlighting the good performance of his team in the recent Super Cup against” a powerful player in everything around football like Real Madrid“.

“Joo Flix he is only 20 years old. He has to be strong, happy, cheerful, excited, he plays at the Atletico de Madrid, he has an important future and we are waiting for him to give us an important hand in the second round, “said Simeone, stressing that his pupil has” a talent huge and fantastic conditions. ”

“All this road that he begins to do will serve him for the future. We absolutely believe in him, he has a game that we need, he has a goal. We hope that all these experiences that he is living in this new stage will help him strengthen and grow day by day” , from

Asked if the technical body should pay attention to the Portuguese, the 'Cholo' record that they have “responsibility with any Atletico soccer player who cannot answer.” “We have to make sure you can find your best version and its best place to exploit its characteristics. I do not handle differently with each player, we always worry so that those who have potential serve the team, “he resumed.

On the other hand, he referred to the Spanish Super Cup and remarked that “talking about 'another lost final' is not a comfortable phrase” seen the history of his team since he came to office. “We lost three finals and won three, and two of the ones we lost were penalties. We are competing very well, I am proud of these years where we have reached so many finals and we have competed against a powerful player in everything that surrounds football like Real Madrid, “he said.


In this regard, he did not want to comment on the sanction of a match to Fede Valverde and underline that it was “very clear after the game”. “Valverde did what he had to do. I was also extremely clear about what was going to happen and wear out today thinking about things that we already know are going to happen, it makes no sense, so I focus on the Eibar, “zanj.

As for the Atletico's goal in the second round, the Argentine highlighted that they are “mid-season and there is still a lot of work ahead and much to improve.” “The league is very long and there is still no parameter to be able to speak. A tough and very complicated opponent awaits us who has always complicated us a lot, “I warned about Eibar.

As for the proper names, Simeone made a curious comparison with Alvaro Morata to explain his tendency to commit offside. “Inzaghi always played at the limit. Then there was no VAR and as he played in Juventus there were more favorable situations than unfavorable. Morata is very similar, he plays the edge of the offside and today with the VAR in any situation it is very evident. Hopefully tomorrow lvaro has lucidity to be able to solve such fine situations, “he said.

Finally, Simeone poured praise on his counterpart Ernesto Valverde, recently fired by Barcelona. “I am nobody to comment on what happens to another family in your home, I respect all the decisions because we are football people. Valverde is a great coach who leaves his team classified in the Champions League and first in the League,” he said.

“He is a great person who has managed in a place where it is not simple to be because he is very powerful and with a level of education and respect for all always exemplary. That is admirable, especially in such large teams,” he concluded.

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