The town of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (Alt Penedès, Barcelona) will host the 2023 Men’s Skate Hockey European Championship, which will be held at the Ateneo Olympic Stadium from July 17 to 22 under the organization of the RFEP.

The men’s absolute European Championship will be held in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, where the Spanish team, led by Guillem Cabestany, will seek its third consecutive title after those obtained in A Coruña (2018) and Paredes (2021).

L’Olímpic de l’Ateneu has already hosted the past U-17 European Championship and will open the doors to the eight best European teams. The groups, schedules and televisions that will offer the competition will be announced soon.

Spain will attend the meeting with goalkeepers Carles Grau (Barça) and Candid Ballart (Reus Deportiu) and players Xavier Barroso and Roc Pujadas (Porto), Nil Roca (Benfica), Pau Bargalló and Marc Grau (Barça), César Carballeira ( Liceo), Marc Julià and Sergi Aragonès (Reus Deportiu) and Martí Casas (Calafell).