Bertin Osborne has been in the news in recent months for her love affairs: her pregnancy Gabriela Guillén and the abortion of Chabeli Navarro to the singer’s recent statements Annawho claims to have had a 15-year relationship with him, during the ranchera singer’s marriage and Fabiola Martinez.

Added to all this was the exclusive from the Venezuelan model herself this Wednesday. In the meantime, Sandra Barneda He has given some surprising statements on his program.

“I have had a very good relationship with him. I have not had anything, but there was a moment when he felt attracted to me,” said the Catalan presenter. In this sense, she has assured that she ‘stopped’ him: “He tried it his way, inviting me to his farm and I told him ‘No, thank you’.” Her co-stars on the set brought this surprising information to her live, so she added: “You are traitors, I’m not going to tell you anything again.”

Fabiola’s exclusive

As we said, Kike and Carlos’s mother gave an exclusive this Wednesday after the media circus mounted around the sentimental life of the presenter, from whom she separated at the beginning of 2021 after 20 years together.

“If I were still in love and I found out that he could have cheated on me during our marriage, it would hurt me a lot,” she manages to say. “When Bertín said that he had never been in love, my heart broke,” she admits. “It gave me peace to know that I was doing everything I could to have a beautiful, respectful relationship, a relationship that was not very easy because of his age, because of his profession, but I tried to make it balanced,” she says.