Catalan boxer Sandor Martín celebrates that Spanish boxing is “in a great moment” thanks to his historic victory in the United States against four-time world champion Mikey García and that of Kiko Martínez to become world featherweight champion, and warned that he has not yet Decided what his “next step” will be, although he will be safely directed to his goal of “getting a world title”.

“This is a great moment for Spanish boxing and the victory of Kiko Martínez against Galahad, and mine over García, shows the good moment that Spanish boxing is experiencing. This end of 2021 is being magnificent,” Martín said in facilitated statements by ‘Matchroom’.

Now, the Barcelonan hopes that this streak will be completed on December 3 in Bilbao with the European super welterweight title with Kerman Lejagarra, “another of the great stars” of national boxing. “He faces a very important fight and if he wins, very important things will come to him in his career,” he warned.

The boxer will be in Bilbao to attend an evening where “one of the best hobbies in the country” will be held. “He always responds by going to the venue and that is something that boxers appreciate a lot. I will be present because for me it is a pride to meet people who have always treated me well,” he confessed.

This evening organized by ‘Matchroom’ will also have the fight for the Spanish Super Middleweight Championship between Damián Biacho and Guillermo Rivero, and the Olympians Samuel Carmona and Jonathan Alonso, and Campbell Hatton. “It is a spectacular event. Seeing boxers of the quality of Samuel Carmona or Jonathan Alonso is always a luxury, and we will also be able to see Campbell Hatton in Spain. I am sure that everyone who likes boxing will come,” he said.

Additionally, Martín praised Kiko Martínez for her IBF featherweight world title. “Kiko deserves everything, she is always working and that is the key to success. She is a benchmark and has shown that age is just a number.

“I am very grateful for the repercussion that my fight with Mikey Garcia has had in Spain. Beating a future member of the Hall of Fame was not an easy task. I knew what I had to do to take the victory and I kept what I promised”, stressed about his success.

Now, the Spaniard knows that he has to “keep working to get a world title.” “I do not think I will box more until 2022. This has been a very exciting year for me and we have not yet decided what my next step will be, but what I guarantee is that I will continue training to give more joy to Spanish boxing,” he said.