Harry Kane
Harry Kane
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The English national team easily coped with Germany in the 1/8 final and became the last squad that didn’t concede after Italy allowed Austria to score themselves.

England has an amazing generation, and their chances to get to the final and take a major international trophy is huge. Their next game would be at 1/4 final against Ukraine on July 3rd. Bookmaker Ratings presents a review of Ladbrokes, https://bookmaker-ratings.com/review/ladbrokes-review/, for you to consider betting opportunities and promo campaigns of one of the providers on one of the most important clashes of the year for the Three Lions.

Meantime we’ll check the most expensive players in the current Gareth Southgate squad according to Transfermarkt, who’ll lead this team to the trophy:

Harry Kane, England, Tottenham, € 120 million

The leader of Tottenham for a long time has been sold by the media a lot of times, but still plays in London. But this year it became clear that the forward really wants to leave: he expressed his desire to the management of the club.

The buyers lined up, so far the most persistent ones are Manchester City and Chelsea. Since the price is huge and Daniel Levy doesn’t plan to give up his positions the negotiations are very difficult. So far it’s impossible to predict if the transfer will happen at all.

Kane himself has been magnificent this season, claiming both top goal scorer and assistant trophies in EPL with 23 goals and 14 assists in 35 games. Although he conceded the Best Player of the Year award to Ruben Dias he still has an outstanding season, which he can complete with one of the most important trophies in any athlete’s career.

The Tottenham striker himself admits that now he is completely concentrated on his national team and doesn’t think if he’ll go to some other club next season and whether there will be a transfer or not.

Raheem Sterling, England, Manchester City, € 90 million

Raheem Sterling was bought in 2015 for € 49 million “citizens”. He became a pivotal player for Pep Guardiola and one of those who brought Manchester City to three championships. He scored 15 goals in the 2020/2021 season.

After the Euro performance, there were different talks about the Raheem contract. The reports suggest that Manchester City might resume negotiations on the new agreement with the forward.

The others say that there’s a chance for Cityzen’s to get Harry Kane and include Sterling as a part of a possible deal. Some other clubs, like Arsenal, are interested in English striker too, but the transfers seem to be unlikely.

Jadon Sancho, England, Manchester United, € 85 million

Jadon Sancho was one of the most important members of the Dortmund team, who was able to score a double, outplay Leipzig and win the trophy.

The season ended and the buyers lined up, but Manchester United was the most involved. One of the most important roles in the transfer was Manchester United head coach Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer, who was interested in Jadon’s talent.

Negotiations with Borussia finished at € 85 million. The transfer saga has finished.

Marcus Rashford, England, Manchester United, € 85 million

Rashford didn’t start the season that well, but the transfer of Bruno Fernandes shook the whole team and gave the Englishman additional motivation to score 21 goals.

The player also ended the year in the Champions League zone and reached the final of a major European tournament.

Although Rashford is already in his sixth season in big football, he’s still 23 years old and has plenty of time to unleash his talent to the fullest and become a world-class star.


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