Sánchez Dragó, the macho man who boasted of sleeping with girls and was a father at the age of 75

Fernando Sanchez Dragó He has passed away at 86 years of age, after having enjoyed women and sex (even with girls, as he once confessed) surely until his body has told him enough is enough. In fact, the controversial writer, who was pointed out as a pedophile from social networks, where he actively participated, always had relationships with women younger than him. At the time of his death he was dating a woman, Emma Nogueirowhom he had met when she was 28 years old, and had been a father for the last time, when he was already 75 years old, of his little son Akelathe fourth of his offspring, the result of his last marriage to his former student Apparently.

The television presenter also died this Monday of a heart attack when he already had three bypasses and had had several notices that he was no longer of age for partying, neither in bed, nor of any other kind.

The controversial supporter of Vox, who just a month ago was leading in the background the presentation of a motion of no confidence in the Spanish Parliament by the political formation with another octogenarian, Ramon Tamamesis the father of four children from different mothers,

the greatest of all, Alejandro, he is already 61 years old, followed by Ayanta, 53, Aixa, 40, and the youngest, the aforementioned Akela. His second daughter, Ayanta Barilli, is the best known by the general public. She is the actress, announcer, expert in sexology and writer who regularly collaborates in the EsRadio of Federico Jimenez Losantos. Ayanta has always defended her father and his opinions regarding relationships between men and women, which have constantly been surrounded by controversy, due to his taste for women much younger than him, and the machismo that the deceased has displayed and smug.

As recounted in numerous publications, his last known partner has been Emma Nogueirowith whom he began dating in 2017 when she was 28 years old, and with whom it was rumored that he would marry in 2021.

Before Emma, ​​when he was 78 years old, Sánchez Dragó dated the 24-year-old, Laura Celeiro. With her, the controversial thinker said “to practice intercourse like never before.” Apparently, she fell madly in love and put her life aside, adapting completely to Dragó’s, and according to what they said on her day, her love was forged during an interview at Chester de Rit Mejidewhich she saw and was fascinated.

Fernando met his last wife, Naoko, in a literature course that he was teaching at the University of Kyoto, and according to what he himself recounted, “she came to consult me ​​about something, she accompanied me to buy, went up to my apartment and… I don’t know to say no”. Since she wanted to be a mother, the author did not resist and they had the little one, of which he said then “it was the most generous act of my life. A son was coming to me, I didn’t need it! But I am 38 years older than Naoko: one day she will be a widow… and deserves the warmth of a son”.

The writer’s third daughter, Aixa, was born without marriage 41 years ago as a result of an affair with the French Martine Sáinz Pee. His eldest son, Alejandro, who is currently 62 years old, was born from his relationship with his first wife, Elvira, whom he married in 1958 when he was imprisoned in the Carabanchel prison. With her he had her first child. After two years of marriage, she denounced him for abandonment of home two years later.

Ayanta Barilli, who has become a finalist for the Planeta Prize in 2018 and has given grandchildren to the deceased writer, was born from his second marriage to Caterina Barilli, a History and Philosophy professor of Italian origin with whom he exchanged letters from prison, and In order to be allowed to continue the epistolary relationship, they posed as brothers.

The writer always boasted of being a good father and spending at least three weeks of vacation a year with his children. His most controversial relationships are the ones he himself acknowledged having had in Tokyo with 13-year-old girls in the book he published in 2010. God raises them… and they talk about sex, drugs, Spain, corruption…. Since that year Sánchez Dragó has always been branded as a pedophile on social networks.