San Heughan, the perfect man protagonist of Outlander, in Madrid

San Heughan is the man of the year, according to the magazine Esquire and the award is most appropriate. This 42-year-old Scottish actor is the most handsome, friendly and sexy man on the world scene. The millionaire legion of fans that we follow call him among ourselves Jamie, his character in the series Outlander who stars with the beautiful Caitriona Balfe, where the love between the two travels in time. Well, our Jaimie has been in Madrid for a couple of days to collect her award, meet with fans at an event organized by Movistar + and be poorly interviewed by Paul Motorcycles.

It has been a couple of days in which the actor has not stopped attending events and giving interviews, but everything was very careful, agreed in whispers, to prevent thousands of fans from showing up at the doors of places and events and not they will let you live.

As stated by San, it is the second time he has visited Madrid and he says that he has always had a good time here. The Scotsman is tall, very tall, reddish-blonde, with a harmonious face but dazzling expressiveness. In addition, since he is passionate about sports, his molded body attracts even if he covers it with clothes: he has been seen so much and so well in the multiple and addictive sex scenes in the series, that in the imagination he is always seen naked .

After attending the man of the year award gala, in which he coincided with Rafael Nadalalso an award-winner, and whom he admitted to admiring, met with hundreds of fans at an event organized at the Palacio de la Prensa by the chain that broadcasts the series, where the seventh season was announced for 2023.

San boasts of being Scottish and from Scotland as well as in Outlander, on the regional travel show Men in Kilts. He has begun marketing his own whiskey under the name “Sassenagh”, which means foreigner in Gaelic and is what Jamie calls his Claire in Outlander. He advertises a gin of the same brand.

The actor also has a program through social networks with millions of followers in which he explains how to train and stay in shape. Through it, he raises large amounts of money for charitable causes, mainly related to cancer, which his only brother had to face.

San ‘hesitates’ a lazy Pablo Motos

The actor has posted photos on his networks with extraordinary views of emblematic rooftops of the city, he has smiled everywhere, he has given a lot of interviews and has publicized his causes. And everything was going well until the public erupted in complaints when he was interviewed by Pablo Motos in El Hormiguero.

The presenter started with the million dollar question: “Don’t you get tired of being so good?” he didn’t “have as much fun” as the show claims to pretend.

Right from the start, “Jamie” gave Pablo a “zaska” when he told him: “I didn’t think you were so tall” and he replied “Not even you so short.” There were more questions like “What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you with a fan?”; “Did you do the casting for Superman and they told you no?”; Did you live in a castle during your childhood?”, or, “Which is harder, the wait or the cold in the series?” And the Scotsman gave rather brief, obvious answers, and left the program quickly and with little reverence.

The networks clamored for all that Heughan’s prime-time TV presence had been wasted; nothing less than the perfect man. A pity.