Salvi Sánchez (Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz; 03/30/1991, 30 years old) gave an interview to AS in which he spoke about different current affairs in Cádiz. As one of the team captains analyzed the start of the season, the Yellow Submarine's second in the elite. Salvi affirms that the beginning has been good although the results have not accompanied. About his next renovation, the end is calm. He also spoke about his past as a bricklayer when he combined construction work and football and, finally, he praised Álvaro Cervera, the person most responsible for the successes of Cádiz according to Salvi.

How are you seeing the team at this start of the competition?

Cadiz Shield / Flag

The team is responding well. The only downside are the results, but I'm liking the way the team is responding.

The defeat against Osasuna was very difficult to assimilate.

Yes, because we had the game under control. In minute 80 we were winning 2-1 and it was a shame that with ten minutes to go they came back, but this is football. We have learned from mistakes.

Last season all expectations were met.

Everyone would have been saved in the absence of a month of competition and this year we only have to work to make it happen again.

This is the second season in Primera, is there more pressure and responsibility?

The responsibility is the same, but it is much more beautiful because the public returns to the stands of the stadiums. We also have our fans and we are getting closer to normality, which is what we wanted.

How did you experience your first season in the First Division?

Well. Very happy and very happy. It is a dream come true and now we only have to work much more to continue with that dream and continue playing in the First Division.

Do you feel more respect this year? Last year they were the newly promoted.

Yes, because newly promoted teams always raise doubts, it is not known how they will respond in the First Division. The team is responding wonderfully. The first year was a show, of remarkable high or outstanding in my point of view. This year we want to repeat because expectations are created and the team has improved. We have started very well despite the results.

I suppose that for a player from the province like you, it will be a pride to participate in what aims to be the consolidation of Cádiz in the elite.

Yes, and it is very nice that people see you and recognize you. They know that I am from here and that I leave my soul for the club. It is a huge pride for me.

Celta and then Barça, two difficult rivals.

I only think about the next round because in Primera all the games are very complicated and I think it is a mistake to think about the rivals beyond the next round.

Cadiz is not scared of any team, right?

No, like life itself, I don't think you have to be afraid of anyone. Respect yes, but you have the same to all rivals. The games are played in 90 minutes and eleven against eleven. From there you have to play and things can turn out better or worse.

What do you think was the key to the dressing room to beat Barça and Madrid last season?

Not being afraid of it, I do respect it, and believing that you can win, that's the most important thing. Then try to make the match yours.

Will Cádiz be the giant killer again?

It's very complicated. We have to work because the League is very long and the First Division is very complicated because they are all great teams. We will always try to do our best because our goal is to save Cádiz as soon as possible and not to rush into trouble at the last minute.

How do you feel personally at the start of the season?

Very well. I have very good feelings and I am happy with my work in the team. We have to continue like this to contribute as much as possible.

How do you experience the competition in the dressing room? This season Álvaro Jiménez has arrived to make direct competition for the right winger.

Competition is always healthy. As long as Cádiz wins, we all win. From there we all work to be able to play. Álvaro (Jiménez) is an extraordinary boy who comes from Albacete and wants to do things well and contribute his bit to the team. We will all be there to help you because I consider that we are all important and we have our moments in a season that is very long and with many games.

Alluding to the market, the name of Álvaro García is always repeated. Would you like me to return to Cádiz and play with him? It was Zipi and Zape.

We have talked about it a lot because every vacation we try to see each other. He is now happy in Madrid, at Rayo Vallecano, and he is an important player. He is in the First Division this season and he will want to do things well to continue in the category.

We could say that the speed for the counterattack is his greatest virtue as a footballer. It fits perfectly in Álvaro Cervera's Cádiz.

If something characterizes this Cádiz, it is that, the backlash, and my characteristics are good for that. I'm in the right place with the right coach and everything is perfect for me.

What goal or dream do you have to fulfill as a professional?

I have always said that I would like to play in a Copa del Rey final.

Your contract expires in 2022, have there been talks already to execute the renewal?

I am a player of the house and today I am very calm. Cádiz are doing things very well, they are growing and they have had a somewhat complicated transfer market. Time to time. I think I am in the right place and with the right people.

Other players who are in the same situation are José Mari or Álex. Big renovations for the yellow team, right?

Yes. José Mari is a key piece in Álvaro Cervera's plans and Álex is a player who since he arrived has gone from less to more and is now important for the club and the team. I do not decide there, they are two people who can think like me who are from the house, but in football you never know. Today you are here, you are happy and you want to renew and tomorrow they come and buy you. But you have to work daily and continue in the same line so that things go well for you regardless of where the player is.

José Mari and you have a very special relationship, right?

We are just a few players from Cádiz. Iza Carcelén, José Mari and I are the only ones in the province of Cádiz and we wear it with pride. Hopefully there are many more footballers from Cádiz playing in Cádiz and that the youngest will see that it is possible to succeed here. You have to do things well and then it is nice to represent your province and club. There is nothing greater than that.

Some may not know, but you were a bricklayer before you became a professional soccer player. How was that jump?

You live like many other footballers who have come from below. The history of many changes due to situations that happen in life. Mine was that I had to work as a bricklayer in order to feed my family and I didn't think twice. I combined football with the work, like many other players who work at the same time or study. They are situations that happen in life and everything is learned. There you can see the effort that many people make to become footballers. It was not easy, but strength is drawn from wherever they are to support the family.

Has Salvi wanted to throw in the towel and quit soccer in the past?

I keep that to myself, but there are very difficult moments when you do have to think about whether it makes sense to play ball or focus on work. But dedicating yourself to what you like and are passionate about is priceless.

It also came at a very special moment, the year of promotion to Second.

It is special and beautiful to play for your hometown team. The year I arrived in Cádiz is the year of promotion to the Second Division and then we achieved promotion to the First Division, which was the dream of all our footballers and all the people of Cadiz.

At that time, with the team in Second Division B, did you imagine making your debut in First Division with Cádiz?

Yes, in fact when I arrived at Cádiz I said that I would give everything to take the club to the First Division. It has been difficult, but the effort that we have all made has finally brought the team to First Division. I am proud to continue here.

Many have been responsible for Cádiz living a great moment, but what percentage would you say corresponds to Álvaro Cervera?

Pff … well I would say 90%. He is the ideal coach for the club and he has been clear about things since he arrived. He has had a difficult time and despite this he has continued to bet on his way of watching football and that many do not bet on it. He has endured great criticism, but his work has paid off. He has been the maximum responsible for Cádiz being in the First Division.

What has Álvaro Cervera taught you?

To be honest, the best Cervera has taught me has been on a personal level. It has taught me to be a better person, partner and friend. To this day I am very proud that Cervera has been part of my professional career.

If something characterizes Cádiz's game, it is defensive solidity. What would you say to those detractors of that game system?

Nothing, keep it up. Cervera is not going to change because of what they tell him, he has things very clear and goes to death with his ideas. He may hear you, but he will not change.

They have been playing for almost a year and a half without an audience in the stands. How was the reunion with the fans?

He was sorely missed. It was a very different environment from the soccer environment that we have lived through all our lives. It was all empty, all voices were heard and it seemed like a training match. Psychologically and mentally you had to be more focused not to leave the game. Now, with the fans, it seems that we have one more.

Do you think that not having an audience in away games helped you last season?

No, It has nothing to do with it. We did a spectacular campaign both as a local and as a visitor.

Finally, Cádiz's goal for this season and personal goal.

The objective of Cádiz is permanence and my personal objective is to improve my numbers from last season.

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