Jose Enrique expanded in 2007 the list of Spaniards to go through the Premier League. The Valencian jumped from Vila-real to Newcastle for 8.7 million euros and expanded the club that Nayim opened and which includes numerous important players in national football who have marked football in the islands.

From Newcastle he went to Anfield and there his opinion is still respected as a former player. The ex of the Liverpool granted an interview to the local newspaper Liverpool Echo in which it spoke on the recent victory of the Balloon of Gold of Leo Messi and the position in which Mo Salah, star of his old club, remained. “I do not agree at all with the Ballon d’Or. I understand that he has to be the best player who has won with his club because it is a team game, but that Salah finished seventh after what he did for Liverpool is a joke, “he said.

Emblem / Flag Liverpool FC

The Valencian expanded his feelings about it. “I understand that I would have finished third because the first and second was between Messi and Lewandowski. Now, finish seventh? I have to laugh. Some do not agree with Messi’s victory, for me, Messi would always be the winner. the best. Lewandowski could have also won, it cannot be argued, but he is definitely not the seventh best in the world. It would have to be Mo in third place after Lewandowski and Messi, “he said.

Suárez, for the moment, above Salah

For Jose Enrique, for the moment, Luis Suárez is above Mo Salah in the history of Liverpool, although he assures that the high level of the Egyptian can make him change his mind. “For me, Suárez is the best player I have seen. But, to be honest, I want to see this season of Salah in full and maybe change my opinion towards him. You can compare the teams: this one and the one that was about to win. the Premier on 13/14. Now they also have Firmino, Jota, Mané … How dependent were we on Luis at times? He could go with three or four defenders … I had never seen that before. They also play in different positions. Luis did everything, but played like 9. I still have my doubts as to whether Salah is better. I still put Suarez a bit ahead. If Salah continues as he is, he may change his mind. But not yet, “he added.