Hamdi Nooh, former El-Mokawloon coach, attends AS to assess Salah's situation and his next match against Real Madrid in the Champions League. Hamdi was the Liverpool player's first coach and He is one of the people who knows him best and who suffered the most from his injury in 2018 against the Whites.

What was Salah like when he was a kid?

I met him when he was 14 years old and he was already strong physically and mentally. Those qualities helped him to be a very fast footballer with and without the ball. Off the field he was polite and decent.

Why has it come so far?

He used to focus on positive things, but he also worked on improving his weak points to improve day by day. He lived far from the training center and had to make a great effort to come.

It's funny, but Salah starts from the side …

Exactly! Salah was the left back of my team, the fastest player. He used to use his sprint to score more, although he also combined very well with his teammates, especially with Mohamed Adel Abo Hatab. They did a great job together and that helped Salah to be the team's top scorer for two seasons scoring around 25-30 goals per campaign. He also coincides with Mohamed ElNenny, current Arsenal player.

Do you think he will leave Liverpool?

Yes, he may think about leaving Liverpool in case there is a better offer, but it is my own opinion. He is unique and his family is everything to him.

Salah recognized us that he would like to play in Spain. Would Madrid or Barcelona be better?

I can't guess. I enjoy watching Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern, but my heart will always be where Salah is. Anyway, I will be very happy if you go to a Spanish club. Spanish soccer is my favorite.

Can he be the leader of Madrid with Hazard?

Yes! Hazard is one of the best players in the world alongside Messi as well. If Salah joins Madrid or Barcelona it will add a lot because he will play with athletes who were created to be with the ball.

By the way, do you think Salah has forgotten about Ramos's entry?

Salah will never forget the incident with Ramos. He cried at that time because he was sad and angry. It was a very important game for him after a great season.

What else did Salah feel in that match?

I wanted to continue that meeting because it is very professional, but it was impossible. He is a player with an exemplary behavior who inspires people and received a lot of support.

Do you think any team is a favorite?

I think both Madrid and Liverpool are two of the best teams in the world and there is equality. They have the best players and I enjoy watching their games. I support both of them, although in this case I always wish for Salah to score and win.

How do you experience your parties from Egypt?

People celebrate Liverpool goals and pray a lot for Salah. He has become a representative icon for the country and everyone supports him in all the games he plays.