Sainz: “Verstappen is on another planet unless things happen with Norris”


Spanish driver Carlos Sainz (Ferrari), who will start fourth in the Austrian Grand Prix, has said that Dutchman Max Verstappen (Red Bull) will be unreachable and that he is “on another planet”, as well as being convinced that the McLarens will overtake them in the race, stressing that his fight is “with Mercedes”.

“Max is on another planet, unless something happens up front tomorrow between him and Lando. I think McLaren and even Piastri tomorrow in 70 laps and two stops will sooner or later overtake us. Our battle is with Mercedes, and if something happens up front, we’ll go for it,” he said in statements to DAZN.

On another note, he explained that the Scuderia is working with two different setups. “We are trying to change the car a little as a team, to see if we can get rid of this phenomenon that is affecting us a bit here in the fast corners. We are suffering a lot here and in Barcelona. We have tried to get rid of it,” he said.

“I may have driven a fast car, but I struggled a lot throughout qualifying and had a couple of big scares. Even so, when it didn’t count, I did a pretty good lap which gave me the opportunity to get in there between the Mercedes, who I think have a bit more this weekend. We’re going to try to fight tomorrow,” he concluded.