Ruth Lorenzo reveals that she suffers from a rare disease: “My breasts grow non-stop”

Surprising revelation from the singer, who has attended the Freeda podcast as a guest, where she has confessed that she suffers from a disease classified as ‘rare’ due to the small number of women it affects. “It’s called breast hypertrophy, and my breasts are growing nonstop”has revealed Ruth Lorenzo.

The artist, who has just broken up with her boyfriend after several years of relationship, has explained what the disease consists of: “My body is super sensitive to female hormones and my chest grows non-stop.” Lorenzo wanted to downplay the matter by adding an anecdote: “Amy Winehouse called me ‘La Tetona'”he explained between laughs.

The causes of breast hypertrophy are unknown, although experts point to a large genetic component. What begins as a merely aesthetic problem becomes a real obstacle to health, since the weight of the breasts can bend the spine, causing osteoarthritis and severe pain. At the moment there is no treatment and extreme cases are treated with surgery, mammoplasty or breast reduction.

It is not the first time that the Spanish representative of Eurovision 2014 talks about the health problems that she has had to face at the age of 40. “I suffered from eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia. From 9 to 15 years old. I had my tricks and nobody noticed,” he confessed in 2020. He also developed other psychological problems: “I am still ashamed to admit despite having overcome it… I I was self-harming. If I did something at school and I didn’t get it right or I didn’t do well on a test, I thought I was going to be a fraud, a failure for my mother and that I deserved punishment. She would stick needles or scissors into me.”