The tycoon Rupert Murdoch will announce that he is retiring as president of the Fox media conglomerate, leaving the reins of the business to his son Lachlan, reported this Thursday by American media. The 92-year-old Australian naturalized American will maintain a position as president emeritus, according to The New York Timeswhich cites internal sources of the group, which has not yet officially confirmed it.

As for his personal life, the nonagenarian businessman regained his hope with a renowned Russian scientist just three months after breaking up with his last girlfriend, Ann-Leslie Smith. Murdoch’s girlfriend, as he revealed in mid-August, is Elena Zhukova and is one of the most renowned figures at the University of Berkley.

He Drudge Report published that the tycoon and Zhukov sailed this summer on the businessman’s exclusive yacht. Although they did not talk about a consolidated relationship, it is clear that they are more than just friends. Zhukova was married to Alexander Radkin Zhukovone of the great Russian fortunes and oil magnate, and is the mother of Dasha Zhukova, a renowned artist who has conquered critics: “She will control the art world.” She is divorced from the magnate and businessman Roman Abramovich, she has two children and is one of the 100 most influential people in the art world, according to the magazine Art Review.

Zhukova would be Rupert Murdoch’s new close friend after his breakup with Ann-Leslie Smith, who ended her courtship with the tycoon due to media pressure. Just a year earlier, Murdoch had announced his divorce from Jerry Hallhis fourth wife and ex of Mick Jagger, to whom he said “I do” in March 2016. The model then blamed Murdoch’s children (six of his first three marriages) for their unexpected breakup.

The elderly billionaire’s first wife was the Australian model Patricia Booker and he was married to her from 1956 to 1967. Their first daughter, Prudence, was born from their union. He was followed by marriage to the journalist Anna Torvwith whom he had three children James, Lachlan y Elisabethand from whom he divorced in 1999. His third wife was the media executive Wendi Deng and from their union they were born Chloe y Grace.