Joao Félixsoccer player
Atlético de Madrid
, is one of the most promising players in the world. Of that there is no doubt. Everything that the Portuguese does has a plus of attention from everyone because he is one of the players with the greatest projection.

For his way of playing and even for the plasticity of his movements, the mattress player was always compared to two footballers, one of them Rui
Coastidol of Benfica, As the. And the other Kaka. Both his compatriot and the Brazilian former player of the Milan were his references, but in the case of Rui Costa was his great idol. “I would have liked to be able to play alongside him,” he acknowledged in an interview with the UEFA the now mattress.

As well, if you recently had the opportunity to speak live with Kaka
, now he has had the opportunity to receive the dialectical ‘flowers’ of his great idol, Rui Costa. And is that so much Joao Félix like his own Kaka, in their conversation, they talked about the emblem of the Fiorentina and Portuguese soccer, because he was a player whom both admired.

Now, in words collected by Record, the former player also from Benfica and AC Milan, thanked Kaka and Joao his words. “I am very proud of both of them. It was a pleasure working with them, they were practically born at the top of soccer. One left football but it was a Golden Ball and it was extraordinary. Our João will follow the same steps as a top player. Seeing two soccer stars talking about you like that is obviously a pleasure ”, he explained Rui

Kaka came to Milan when I was finishing my cycle. When you are in a phase like this, you want the cycle to end with someone who is very good. Kaka It was extraordinary and as a young man it was fantastic. I really liked being able to contribute to its improvement in whatever way possible, “assumed the now sports director of the Benfica, who then pointed to João Félix: ”I never played the role of coach with him, but I gave him the advice of the position so that he could always be on the right track. I am very grateful to both of them. “


Right now he is only the tenth player with the most minutes in the season, 2,114, but he is the third highest scoring player – six goals – only surpassed by Correa -seven- and Álvaro Morata -12-. He is the fourth most assistant, with three goal passes, tied with Lodi, Morata, and Costa, behind Trippier, Koke and Correa. He is the player who shoots the most on average per game at Atlético -2.5 times. And the fifth who dribbles the most -once per crash-, the third with the most fouls receives -1.7 per game. And the sixth that loses the most balls on average.


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