The team continues to add negative records. Will there be template cleaning?

I said it the other day. When we finish LaLiga we will get going, although we are already in it. We lost with two penalties. We try but big things don't come out, everything multiplies by two, both frustration and negativity. No need to review it again.

Do you have the strength to continue?

We have two games left. I came for seven. You always have criticism, because you have to do your best, with your identity, and because the club needs you. This is not easy for anyone, but you have to be strong to the end and convince the dressing room to honor this shirt.

How can this bleeding be stopped for the team not to give such a pitiful picture?

The situation leads you to make everything negative and not worth anything. It is reality, it should not be hidden. I repeat, football has little interest now, the important thing is the present.

Mendilibar: “I hope this victory will serve to save us”

Happy although with the prudence that characterizes him, José Luis Mendilibar committed that the key to the match was “putting pressure on the rival field and we obtained two penalties like this. The first half helped us win the game.” The coach hopes that these three points “will serve us but we have to wait.”

The coach acknowledged that in the second half Espanyol was superior and his team resisted without excessive problems, tired from the heat and wear: “We suffered in the second half because we could not make passes in a row. They didn't do us many chances, but we were dead With the heat and the accumulation of matches, people arrive very tired. In the locker room we celebrated the victory, it was important. We realized later that we had won. “

“Our merit is terrible if we manage to maintain ourselves. And also without reaching the last LaLiga game. We will see if we achieve salvation and then we will talk about my future. I do not know if I want to continue or the club will want it to continue, we have to speak,” he also argued. Mendilibrar.

Was your criticism of the confidentiality of the clauses addressed to someone?

I didn't want someone to be upset or anything. It has nothing to do with José María Durán, we work with confidence, sometimes you say it because of a situation or other people. Regardless of what can be interpreted, it is what we want to be, if we take care of the small details on the field or in the club. It's nothing with Durán, we have a lot of work and effort behind us, but sometimes things don't work out.

How do you manage the minutes?

Sometimes you think about managing the minutes. We try to compete to get a good result, but there are two left and we are practically like this, in this position, and young people from home are already entering to gain experience and see the situations. We did not want this, but they are learning.

What has happened to Vargas and why has he played?

We value as technical and technical staff all situations. He played little with me, we came from each player's form states. It is always close to being able to enter, we try to decide as best as possible about where we come from, I do not think that I signed it.

What do you say to people who see you as one of the maximum responsible for this?

The fans are sovereign and have the right. I am part of the previous and future project, and between one and the other I continue to be, is the great difficulty. You are in the future and you are in the present. Sure I have done things wrong but perhaps some good. I stand up for the club. People judge me, but the reality is that I stand up and dedicate the maximum time and with the best intention. I assume my responsibility.

Isn't it a good time for Oier Olazábal to play?

They are, we have two games left, the situation is what it is and other players will end up playing. Other youngsters, like Pol Lozano, played. Let everyone feel involved.

What would you say to people?

We have a misfortune, which is what we have experienced. Our people would support us and criticize us, like all life. You have to accept everything. We work to the maximum and we do everything possible. It is difficult for the hobby to live this and above far. The club must listen to them to grow.

Isn't it a big risk that you agree to be the coach if you are to lead next year's project?

One thing is day to day, I repeat it again. I'm here for the club showing my face every day. Then there is the risk you have. I would do it again and I always will. We have to navigate forward. I may like it more or not, but I will always show up no matter what.


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