The RFEF has reversed the playoff celebration in the Region of Murcia when everyone expected him to sit at the table to sign the agreement for the qualifying rounds to be played at Pinatar Arena, La Condomina, Cartagonova and Artés Carrasco. The reason is none other than economic, since the body chaired by Rubiales refused to assume any cost and they wanted the Regional Government, the different municipalities, the Murcian Federation and Pinatar Arena to bear all the expenses. Yes, advertising revenue from the broadcasting of the games went directly to the RFEF. Under these conditions, those involved in the Region considered that it was impossible to organize the fight for promotion to Second.

Since the RFEF, the idea of ​​the playoff has been changing over time. It was intended that the presence of personnel external to the first team of each club should be the minimum possible and it was established that a maximum of four directors per entity could attend. However, the number was much higher for RFEF representatives and also at no cost. Thereto the Federation added the agreement with a television platform that will attend each match with a high number of operators. Therefore, one of the main objectives is not respected, to reduce the movement of personnel.

It also took a turn in terms of format. At the start the idea was to play the express playoff at Pinatar Arena in two weeks but from one day to the next it was imposed that it should be in one week and with four games a day. To achieve this, alternatives were sought and the support of the City Councils of Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca was found to yield La Condomina, Cartagonova and Artés Carrasco, respectively. In the end, it was of little use to visit each stage because at the last minute the RFEF got off the hook saying that it should be free.

Outrage and Plan B. Not only from the Region of Murcia there is frustration and discontent with Rubiales, also from the clubs. Many of those involved in the fight for promotion to the Second had already contacted Pinatar Arena to come a few days before starting the preparation, although they did not have any information from the RFEF about the date on which they could travel.

On Monday maybe more will be known about where the express playoff will be played, since it is the day set for the crossings draw. As of today, the dates of the meetings, except for a new change, will be as follows:

Saturday 18. Final and three quarter games. Different locations, same time.

Sunday 19. Final and three quarter games. Different locations, same time.

Thursday 23. Four semifinals. Different locations, same time.

Sunday 26. Two endings. Different locations, same time.

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